Determining Your Team’s 5 Strongest (and Weakest) Attributes

By Melissa Shipler
Even if you’re above the industry average and delighting your customers, there’s always room for improvement. Using Avid Reports, you can track your five most succesful areas as well as the five areas for greatest improvement, and leverage your findings for well-deserved pats on the back (or perhaps a necessary brainstorming session). Here’s how:

  1. Once you’re logged in, go directly to the Reports Menu, scroll through the drop-down, and select Question Ranks.5 Strongest Attributes - Image 1
  2. Once you’re on the Question Ranks page, choose your Survey Study and Industry from the drop-down menus in the top left of the page. Then, navigate over to the Closing Interval on the top right of the page. In the Closing Interval, be sure to select at least 12 months of data. This will ensure that there is an amount of data substantial enough to track the results accurately. Click on “Update Report”.5 Strongest Attributes - Image 2
  3. By default, the data will be displayed in “Rank by Industry Difference.” This is called the Delta. Note that the Delta is the difference between your company’s average and the industry average you selected. So if you’re scoring at a 95, and the industry average is at an 80, the Delta number will be 15. Categories above the Delta mean you’re successfully competing above the industry average, while categories below the Delta means you have room to improve.
  4. From here, you’re easily able to export the content to Excel to use in sales meetings, goal setting, and employee management.
    5 Strengths - Image 3

Why Find Your Strongest and Weakest Attributes?

  • Find a reason to celebrate – It’s easy to focus on the negative, but with the new calendar year why not shift the emphasis on the positive? Use your top five attributes as a reason to celebrate and acknowledge what your team is doing right.
  • Set your goals ­­– What hasn’t been working? Are you in a position to fix it? If not now, what can your team do to improve results in the future? Use your five biggest areas with room for improvement to reflect on these questions.