Want to Improve Customer Experience? Focus on Employee Satisfaction

by Paul Cardis
“Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers.” -J.W. Marriott
If I asked you how you could improve your customer experience today, what would you say? Would you guess that employee satisfaction plays a key role in how your customers experience your brand?
By now, the link between employee satisfaction and customer experience is irrefutable. According to Forbes, which has called employee engagement the “wonder drug for customer satisfaction,” companies that lead in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees. Another impressive statistic? Workplace Research Foundation reports that employee engagement programs can increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year.
It makes sense. Satisfied employees are pleasant and engaged during customer interactions. They’re more helpful and willing go out of their way to solve customer issues. They feel connected to the brand, and are careful to portray it in a positive light. In sum, employees that feel engaged, trusted, and empowered will deliver the best customer service, ultimately improving the customer’s overall experience with the brand.
As for how to improve employee satisfaction — how to make employees feel engaged, trusted, and empowered — start by identifying the factors that play a role in their workplace happiness. Most likely, an employee’s relationship with their manager will significantly impact their level of contentment, as will their compensation. Make sure that your management team is skilled in leading others, and that your compensation package is competitive within the industry.
To improve employee satisfaction, I also recommend you go directly to the source. Ask your employees what your company can do to better serve them. Not only is treating your employees well the right thing to do, but it will also benefit your business in the long run.
Go forward,