Acadia Homes Selects Avid Ratings To Strengthen Customer Loyalty And Attract Buyers

Madison, WI – Released March 13, 2014
Acadia Homes of Atlanta, GA has switched to Avid Ratings to measure customer satisfaction and provide guidance for enhancing the home buying experience of Acadia’s customers. In addition, Acadia has asked Avid’s GoTour division to produce a web-based interactive tour of Acadia’s recently opened Design Gallery.
“To be a home builder with stellar customer ratings means you understand the nuances of customer satisfaction and target details that make a difference,” says Paul Cardis, Avid Ratings founder and CEO, about measuring and managing for customer loyalty.
“GoSurvey detects key factors affecting Acadia’s customers, both positively and negatively. We are drilling deep into the customer experience for a revealing story. With a quick and shallow survey, often something critically important to the story goes untold.”
Avid Ratings’ GoSurvey program’s comprehensive survey replaces a less-probing version used by Acadia’s former survey provider. With Avid’s survey, Acadia says it gets greater insight into their processes, services, and products, in light of how their customers experience them.
“Avid Ratings is a highly respected company devoted to helping businesses achieve customer loyalty,” says Laura Mahon, Director of Marketing for  Acadia Homes. “Avid supplies easy-to-navigate-and-complete surveys to our home buyers, and then lets us know how we ranked on several levels of the home buying experience – from the service provided by our sales agents and the quality of their new home to the responsiveness of our team to any issues that may have arisen during and following construction.”
Acadia opened its new Design Gallery in February 2014, and engaged Avid’s GoTour division to produce an interactive, web-based tour to showcase the space. Integrated seamlessly with the builder’s website, GoTour combines animation, hi-definition video, and photography with a customer review portal and a home customization application. The customization app provides photos and information about products, and allows users (new home shoppers) to select options and upgrades for every room.
Acadia is aiming GoTour at the portion of its market that uses the Internet to shop for homes, which, according to Cardis, is practically everyone.
“Last year, nine out of ten homebuyers used the Internet to shop for homes. That’s an upward trend reflective of a ubiquitous consumer behavior that must – and I emphasize must– be given due consideration in a homebuilding company’s marketing strategy. The web is the first stop in everyone’s shopping trip, especially for big-ticket items like cars and homes. And it’s not just desktop computers. The mobile device is fast becoming the primary shopping tool.”
A 2012 joint study conducted by the American Association of Realtors and Google found that more than 90 percent of mobile device owners use their devices at home to access the Internet.
Cardis points out that models and design centers virtualized with GoTour are accessible to prospects 24/7 on PCs, iPads, iPhones and mobile devices running the Android operating system.
“By presenting self-guided full motion tours, animated floor plans, product images, specs, community info, customer ratings and even video testimonials, accessible on desktop and mobile platforms, GoTour is everything shoppers want in an online, new-home shopping experience.”
“Acadia gets it,” he adds. “They’re poised to win this new breed of prospect.”
Acadia’s Mahon expresses the same excitement about their partnership with Avid.
“We are thrilled with our new relationship with Avid Ratings to help us stay the course with regard to the provision of a stellar and memorable home buying experience.”
Acadia Homes
Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods was founded in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Headquartered in Atlanta, Acadia currently builds in 25 communities throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Visit for more information.
Avid Ratings
Founded in 1992, Avid Ratings is a full-service customer loyalty management firm, providing customer loyalty research, organizational strategies, employee training, and proprietary solutions to improve the home buying experience and referral sales. Serving over 2800 companies in throughout North America, Avid maintains the largest customer satisfaction database within the home building industry. Avid assesses homebuyers’ experiences and then provides focused business solutions via its flagship software Avid 3.0 to improve customer engagement, referrals, and overall profitability.
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General Manager,
GoSurvey Division
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