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Are You a Fox or a Hedgehog?

by Mark Hodges, Senior Avid Advisor In his landmark 2001 book, Good to Great, business guru Jim Collins presented the odd-sounding but important Hedgehog Concept, which is inspired by the famous essay by philosopher Isaiah Berlin, “The Hedgehog and the Fox.” That essay, among other things, offers insights into human psychology based on a saying […]

Customer Loyalty Types

by Melissa Shipler Do you know who your raving fans are? What is the difference between an Avid Promoter and an Avid Passive? Use the Avid Customer Loyalty Graph to find out. Here’s how: Log into Avid Reports using your Login ID and password. Once logging in, you will be on the Dashboard where you […]

Putting Innovation to Work

by Clark Ellis, Senior Avid Advisor Business innovation isn’t rocket science—it’s really just a creative new way of thinking about how to accomplish a goal. But truly innovative home builders are nearly as rare as people who have walked on the moon. Builders who know how to innovate can reap big rewards. For instance after […]

Drill Down Into Your Surveys

by Melissa Shipler You are keeping track of your company’s performance in a timely manner and viewing the data by community throughout Avid Reports. Did you know you can view specific surveys based on the additional information provided from your closings each month? Here’s how you can use this additional information to ‘drill down’ into […]

The Skilled Worker Shortage

Out of the many homebuilders our team works with, the vast majority call worker shortage their top problem when it comes to delivering projects on budget and on time. As we see the market recover, the greatest problem we face is the trade shortage. Simply put, those who worked in the market prior to the […]

Using Search Terms in Survey Explorer

By Melissa Shipler Whether you are viewing surveys as they come in or for a specified time, Respondent Comments can tell you more of the story. You may want to see if anyone has commented about a specific item. Did you know you can use the Filter section in Survey Explorer to find those specific […]