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What’s Your Core Competitive Strategy?

by Mark Hodges, Senior Avid Advisor There’s no one-size-fits-all-markets game plan for builders that want to grow, but guiding principles can offer direction. In his seminal 1980 book, Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors, Michael Porter proposed that all companies must compete through one of three core competitive strategic approaches. Be the low-cost […]

How to Create Report Links

By Melissa Shipler Do you ever find yourself running the same report, month after month, quarter after quarter? Are you accessing it from the reports menu and unsure where to go each time? Try using Report Links!  By sending yourself a link, you can be taken directly to your favorite report each time. Here’s how […]

Solving Construction Workflow Pain Points

by Clark Ellis, Senior Avid Advisor Collaboration has become a buzzword in that lots of companies talk about it but few do it right. That’s unfortunate because knowing how to collaborate is critical for today’s builders, as a shrinking labor and management pool forces them to squeeze more productivity from fewer people. Those who do […]

Don’t Fall Victim to “Review Gating” Services

by Paul Cardis Google is now the hammer for those companies wishing to mask their true star ratings in public websites. Google explicitly states that if you are suppressing or gating (filtering) your negative customers away from taking a survey with your company, you can be banned entirely from Google My Business. This threat is […]

Millennials Continue to Expect More Virtual Experiences

by Paul Cardis It’s a common misconception that millennials have little interest in homeownership when quite the opposite is true. In fact, according to new data, 80% of millennials would like to buy their own homes but are barred by economic factors that delay the buying process. However, as more millennials saturate the market, they […]

A Road Map for Strategic Growth

by Mark Hodges, Senior Avid Advisor I overheard two builders commiserating the other day. It went like this: “This market is really tough. I’m having trouble sleeping.” “Not me. I sleep like a baby.” “Really?” “Yep. I wake up every two hours and cry.” While recently talking with some other builders, I asked each to […]

Facebook, Google and LinkedIn: Their Impact on the Housing Industry

As social media becomes more prevalent and accessible in our everyday communication, it’s inevitable that social media giants like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn start to seep into a variety of different industries, including housing. The question is whether this will have a positive or negative impact on the market and how we can combat their […]

Leverage Great Homebuyer Comments with Avid Socializer

It seems everyone has joined the Facebook world, including your customers. Wouldn’t it be great to leverage all the great comments you receive from homebuyers and share them with your Facebook audience? Now you can by adding the Avid Socializer to your programs! By adding Socializer, any comments that homebuyers have given you permission to […]