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Emotions Can Make or Break Collaboration

by Clark Ellis, Senior Avid Advisor “Collaboration is the essence of life. The wind, bees, and flowers work together, to spread the pollen.” Amit Ray The above quote succinctly captures the complexity of nature’s work: The collaboration of organisms and forces that we experience as the beauty of a flower, the buzz of a bee […]

What Are You Asking Your Customers?

By Melissa Shipler When was the last time you reviewed your current survey template(s) to ensure you are asking all of the industry questions available to you? Did you know that your current template is posted in Avid Reports? Use the Latest Reports and Documents panel to view your survey(s). Here’s how: Log into Avid […]

Are You a Fox or a Hedgehog?

by Mark Hodges, Senior Avid Advisor In his landmark 2001 book, Good to Great, business guru Jim Collins presented the odd-sounding but important Hedgehog Concept, which is inspired by the famous essay by philosopher Isaiah Berlin, “The Hedgehog and the Fox.” That essay, among other things, offers insights into human psychology based on a saying […]

Customer Loyalty Types

by Melissa Shipler Do you know who your raving fans are? What is the difference between an Avid Promoter and an Avid Passive? Use the Avid Customer Loyalty Graph to find out. Here’s how: Log into Avid Reports using your Login ID and password. Once logging in, you will be on the Dashboard where you […]