Avid Service Award™ Honours Top Home Building Employees in Canada

Toronto, ON – Released January 31, 2014
Avid Ratings Canada proudly announces the second annual 2014 Avid Service Award™, Best Employees in Customer Satisfaction Nationwide.
Home building employees who scored above the top 5th percentile in customer satisfaction are recognized from among thousands of employees rated in the Avid Ratings Canada GoSurvey® program. Exemplary employees in Sales, Construction and, for the first time, Customer Service, are presented the Avid Service Award™ for their achievements in delivering outstanding service to customers.
The winners of the 2014 Avid Service Award™ were selected according to customer satisfaction scores directly tied to their performance on the Avid survey, provided they had a representative sample of more than 12 completed surveys over a 12 month period. The results were based on surveys taken by customers who closed on new homes between July 2012 and June 2013.
Each award winner will be provided a media kit that will include the official Avid Service Award™ trademark that the employee may display in their email signature, on their letterhead and as a lapel pin they may wear.
“The Avid Service Award is the first award to honour exceptional employees located throughout Canada,” says Tim Bailey, Division President of Avid Ratings Canada. “We are proud to recognize these special individuals, professionals who commit themselves every day to delivering exceptional homes and ensuring every home owner is thoroughly delighted with the major investment they’ve made.”
The winners of the 2014 Avid Service Award™ include (listed in company order):
2014 Best Sales Counselors in Canada:

Kerri Zanussi Adera Development Corp.
Bryan Dell Albi Homes
Tom Piprek Avi Urban – Edmonton
Kelly Boone Brookfield Homes – Edmonton MF
Sheila Hang Brookfield Homes – Edmonton MF
Yasemin Ozbey Brookfield Homes – Edmonton MF
Jarrod Murray Brookfield Homes Calgary – MF
Karen MacPhee Brookfield Homes Calgary – MF
Lori Noble-Milne Brookfield Homes Calgary – MF
Chris MacKinnon Brookfield Homes Calgary – SF
Mary Merhi Brookfield Homes Calgary – SF
Nada Nosal Brookfield Homes Calgary – SF
Lori Marklund Homes by Avi – Calgary
Crystal Bygrave Homes by Avi – Edmonton
Ana Lovric Jayman – Innovations – Calgary
Corilee Keryluk Jayman – Innovations – Calgary
Ashley Noer Jayman Calgary
Jennifer Underwood Jayman MasterBUILT – Calgary
Robin MacCullouch Jayman MasterBUILT – Calgary
Sandy Perron Jayman Modus – Calgary
Aaron Martin Laebon Developments Ltd.
Brandon Sheehan Mattamy Homes GTA
Edward Luiz Mattamy Homes GTA
Rosi Gehrling Mattamy Homes GTA
Susan Foster Mattamy Homes GTA
Chantal Gourre Pro-Fab Modular Homes
Enrico Metivier Pro-Fab Modular Homes
Mario Leblond Pro-Fab Modular Homes
Lynn Ly Rohit – Edmonton
Lucy Poirier Starward Homes
Wanda Hann Billard Tartan Homes
Melanie Lavoie Vesta Properties – AB

2014 Best Project Superintendents in Canada:

Derek Hussey Albi Homes
Marcia Davidson Albi Homes
Grant Revak Brookfield Homes Calgary – SF
Candace Marshall Mattamy Homes GTA
Darren Greene Mattamy Homes GTA
Darryl Brown Mattamy Homes GTA
Debbie Parent Mattamy Homes GTA
Julio Anton Mattamy Homes GTA
Lidio Esposito Mattamy Homes GTA
Michelle Sholtz Mattamy Homes GTA
Ninder Singh Mattamy Homes GTA
Sheldon Pretty Mattamy Homes GTA
Steve Orsini Mattamy Homes GTA
Tony Mastroianni Mattamy Homes GTA
Young Joon Kim Mattamy Homes GTA
Carl Lomonte Mattamy Homes Ottawa
Michael Hlohinec Mattamy Homes Ottawa
Paul Armstrong Mattamy Homes Ottawa
Tony Saleh Mattamy Homes Ottawa
Manny Cellucci Reids HG – South Central

2014 Best Customer Service Associates in Canada:

Alan Goretic Avi Urban – Edmonton
Karen Hansen Adera Development Corp.
Ron Tyslau Galko Homes
Wayne Houghton Portrait Homes

Founded in 2003, Avid Ratings Canada is a full-service customer loyalty management firm, providing customer loyalty research, organizational strategies, employee training, and proprietary solutions to improve the home buying experience and referral sales. Serving over 2800 companies in Canada and the U.S., Avid maintains the largest customer satisfaction database within the home building industry. Avid assesses homebuyers’ experiences and then provides focused business solutions via its flagship software Avid 3.0, to improve customer engagement, referrals, and overall profitability.

For more information please contact:
Tim Bailey, Division President, 800-987-6318, tim.bailey@avidratings.ca.

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