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Learn How You Can Use Our AvidCX Platform
to Get Better Consumer Data and Insights

Why do so many homebuilders credit Avid with transforming their business?

Our AvidCX platform is the most comprehensive database of homeowner reviews and measurement tools, which enables builders to compare and improve themselves against their peers, and promote positive ratings online to prospective homebuyers.

Exclusive to the homebuilding industry, Avid has the experience and expertise to get the recognition and visibility that builders deserve – it’s what we do best!

Using survey generated insights and a multi-touchpoint survey system, our AvidCX platform allows you to measure, monitor and optimize the homebuyer experience, gauge customer sentiment, preferences, and more during key phases of the homebuilder journey.

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Benefits of the AvidCX Platform

Multi-Touchpoint Surveys

  • Unlimited use of 15 different survey types
  • Multi-modal survey strategy
  • Customizable surveys to align with your organization
  • In-depth questions that measures every factor that impacts
    your reputation
  • Incentivize survey respondents with Avid Sweepstakes –

Marketing Tools

  • Socializer: Promote positive survey responses online to
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Review Builder: Auto-direct your customers to other social
    platforms (i.e. Google, Houzz, and Yelp)
  • Web Monitoring: Receive alerts when your company has been
    reviewed or mentioned on other sites
  • Public Reports: Online page that showcases your Avid verified
    star ratings and survey responses, which helps improve search
    engine rankings (SEO) and brand visibility

Client Success Team

  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • Experts in implementation and industry best practices
  • Client Success Manager assigned to each of your builders
  • On-going training (i.e. dashboard, data analysis, and report
  • Quarterly calls to help your team review survey results and
    provide suggestions for ways to improve based on industry
    best practices

Intuitive Dashboard

  • New dashboard that offers more insight and customization
  • Best in industry benchmarking – ability to compare survey
    results with those of competitors in over 35 categories
  • Compare data by community, sales person, project manager,
    and more
  • Ability to spot problems early, and to validate improvements
    in real-time
  • Quick access to the top 5 questions and bottom 5 questions
    with the ability to deep dive into all survey responses
  • Schedule customized reports to generate at your convenience
    and auto-emailed to team members
  • Customized reports can be created and saved by each user
  • Videos that provide tips, training, and webinars on industry
  • Integrate with ease as we have an open API that enables
    possible CRM/ERP integration