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The AvidCX platform was created exclusively for businesses in the building industry, and we’re confident that if you try it, you won’t want to do business without it. AvidCX helps builders strengthen brand, maximize referrals, increase customer loyalty, improve company culture, reduce project delivery costs and protect margins.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll immediately see the benefits of using AvidCX, that we’re offering you a 30-day FREE trial of GoSurvey—a key component in the AvidCX platform.  You’ll discover that this survey is the most comprehensive in the industry, hands down.

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How many customers can I survey?

All customers in the previous calendar month who have closed on a new home or completed a project will be emailed an AvidCX e-survey. Response rates for e-surveys vary. Standard GoSurvey programs deliver 50-70% response rates.

When will I see results?

The first completed survey to hit the AvidCX database will automatically activate your report access and login instructions will be emailed to you. You will have 30 days of full, unlimited access to our entire reporting suite.  A FREE training session is included to help you get the greatest benefits from the reporting tools. With all of GoSurvey’s capabilities and benchmarking data at your fingertips, you will discover opportunities to improve your CX and own greater market share.

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