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Word-of-mouth marketing has long been recognized as the single best driver of consumer interest. We tend to trust our neighbors more than any other source of information. AvidCX’s GoSocial will use your own GoSurvey reviews and social media trends to become a vital marketing tool.

Far more effective than any claims a company can make, consumer reviews motivate buyers. Tweets, posts, shares, links, likes, blogs, and messages are the new forms of communication. They’re also new platforms for consumer advice.

By combining your own GoSurvey results with AvidCX’s GoSocial tool, you’ll grow your impressions considerably by using the most trusted vehicle by consumers: reviews.

GoSocial makes sure that you are part of the conversations by taking your positive reviews and posting them on a full range of social media. Consequently, you will be right where your potential customers look when they are seeking advice that they trust.

If you need broad exposure-if you need to attract new prospects-if you need consumer interest, then you need GoSocial.

AVID STARS™: Click here to learn how GoSocial can Improve your rankings.

  • GoSocial can help builders achieve higher search engine rankings with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • GoSocial plays a vital role in a company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.
  • GoSocial users receive reports that show where you rank in search engines and what keywords are used to find you, as well as what you can do to show that you’re a customer-focused, high-quality builder.
  • GoSocial customers know that reviews play a key part in search engines’ ranking systems and, because Avid is verified by major search engines as a reliable source of customer experience information, we have the power to help you improve your search engine rankings. We’re able to leverage your customer satisfaction ratings so that your company name shows up at or near the top of search engine pages, above your competitors.
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SOCIALIZER™: Click here to learn how GoSocial leverages the reach and power of social media.

  • GoSocial leverages the power of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where customers share information with the world. Social media is a game changer, and you need to win that game. GoSocial is the way for builders to tap into that power.
  • GoSocial allows you to seamlessly post your customers’ glowing comments to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. And because it’s fully integrated with your accounts, you’re only two clicks away from sharing positive feedback with your online community.
  • GoSocial spreads good words about good builders.
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WEB MONITOR™: Click here to learn how GoSocial alerts you to what being said about your company.

  • GoSocial helps you to understand how your brand looks to potential customers on the Internet by answering questions like: What are customers saying about your company, and are there any issues that might be depressing your sales?
  • GoSocial enables builders to automatically detect when public reviews or star ratings are made in destinations throughout the Internet. No longer do you get surprised by a bad review that was unknowingly placed by a customer. As a GoSocial user, you will receive an alert and full report of that rating, giving you the opportunity to handle bad reviews that can impact your business…and detract sales.
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REVIEW BUILDER™: Click to learn how to combat negative reviews...and more!

Deploys a response strategy that leverages the feedback of the happiest homeowners to combat negative reviews on a wide range of customer review sites, including Google Reviews, Yelp!, Yahoo!, City search, Insider Pages, Better Business Bureau, and more. This powerful program is balancing the scales for many companies who have less than 1 percent of their customers making a public review, yet those reviews are front page in the search engines–not a fair representation of a good company’s work/ With Review Builder, Avid changes all that and give’s clients the tools to tell the real story about their customer satisfaction.

Chip Bell

What you should know about the incomparable, Chip Bell:

  • Author of 7 national and international best-selling books.
  • Ranked #1 keynote speaker in the world on customer service (Global Gurus).
  • Leadership Excellence Magazine recently listed him among the top 30 thought leaders in America.
  • Multi-award winner:
    • Independent Publisher Book Awards (Silver)
    • Benjamin Franklin Award Winner (Independent Book Publishers Association)
    • Athena Award: Excellence in Mentoring
  • Regularly featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg TV, ABC and in CEO Magazine and Entrepreneur.