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Today’s marketplace is changing quickly and you need to be ready to change with it. That’s where GoSurvey is critical to your company’s growth and evolution.

Through detailed discussion, Avid will take the time to completely assess your company’s needs, and then develop direct and relevant survey questions. When sent to clients, these surveys produce insights that generate maximum returns.  Furthermore, you’ll have access to homebuyer shopping data through Avid’s database–the nation’s largest information hub for this industry.

Our straightforward surveys get high response rates and expose genuine opportunities for improving customer experience in your company. GoSurvey will generate a report on your CX dashboard revealing your score against competitive benchmarks, customer experience trends, and highlight recurring events so you can take action. The reports automatically update with each new survey, and you’ll even be able to identify and proactively reach out to dissatisfied customers.

GoSurvey assesses GoTour’s impact on customer engagement and provides premium testimonials to be shared via GoSocial.

GoSurvey is the key to unlocking the proven AvidCX system: Engage, Measure, Market, and Win.

Knowledge is power. Let GoSurvey become the most powerful tool for growing your company.

TYPES OF SURVEYS: Click here to learn more about our variety of survey options.

  • Construction Process Survey: Designed as an early warning system, this survey determines if your customers’ expectations are being met during the critical phases of the builder/buyer relationship.
  • 30-Day Homeowner Experience Survey: By building historical data, this survey allows you to compare your present and past performance. This survey asks homeowners about all their experiences from your sales process straight through to referral intentions and everything in between.
  • Warranty Process Survey: Your warranty and construction costs can escalate without a solid service program. This survey measures the specific performance of your service program when the buyer is living in the home. How does your team perform?
  • 12-Month Annual Homeowner Survey: This 104-question survey is conducted one year after closing and is one of the best measures available of long-term happiness and loyalty.
  • Retroactive Homeowner Survey: This survey allows you to retroactively set a baseline of performance to gauge your success with ongoing surveys from Avid’s Survey Suite. Perfect for finding out how you fare today compared with last year.
  • Sales Prospect Feedback Survey: This survey captures prompt feedback from prospective customers who have visited your sales centers or model homes, asking them to evaluate their experience and define their purchasing intentions.
  • Trade Partner Feedback Survey: Because attitudes can have a lasting effect on productivity, this survey identifies possible issues that may be affecting the relationship between your business and your trade and supplier partners.
  • Employee & Associate Feedback Survey: This survey asks all employees and associates how satisfied they are with your company.
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WEB-ENABLED DASHBOARD: Click here to learn how or surveys will be organized and displayed.

  • GoSurvey allows you to navigate through your dashboard to confidentially compare your survey results with those of your competitors.
  • GoSurvey lets you organize all of your surveys.
  • GoSurvey measures how your new products are performing and finds out the most needed areas of improvement and those of great success.
  • GoSurvey notifies your team when a survey comes in above, or below, a certain threshold.
  • GoSurvey gives you the ability to tie survey results to employee compensation, if you so choose.
  • GoSurvey gives you detailed explanations of your survey results.
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VIDEO REPORTS®: Click here to learn how video reports help you to easily understand your survey results.

  • GoSurvey features video reports created to help you fully understand the results of your surveys. The 10-minute or less video is presented to you as a screen capture of your results, accompanied by a recorded, detailed explanation presented by one of our survey experts.
  • GoSurvey’s video reports eliminate long meeting times and added travel costs.
  • GoSurvey’s video reports are sent to you at no extra cost twice a year, and can give you a general overview of your results, or focus on certain sections at your request.
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AVID REPUTATION FIREWALL®: Click here to learn about an extremely powerful reputation management program!

Avid Reputation Firewall provides a complete solution for preventing poor online ratings from damaging a builder’s reputation, while enhancing the reputation with positive reviews. Works with most review sites, like: Google Reviews, Yelp!, Yahoo!, City search, Insider Pages, Better Business Bureau; and the social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

David Simon

“It’s about really building great relationships with your customers, understanding what works and what doesn’t work. We call them opportunities for improvement, over at Veridian…that data diving and information helps us to become a better company.”

David Simon
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