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In today’s world, it’s no longer enough to excel at customer experience (CX) after the prospect contacts you. To stand out in a crowd of home builder competition today, you must elevate customer experience before the customer makes contact. And that is precisely what GoTour helps you to do.

Simply put, GoTour allows you to deepen the engagement prospects have with your company and your offerings by allowing them to virtually tour your model homes, pre-select products, build wish lists, and more. This experience occurs on your website, or via the GoTour mobile app.

Importantly, the GoTour experience takes place before a prospect makes you aware of their interest–at the crucial “research phase” of the home buying process. If you don’t elevate their experience during this phase, they’ll never contact you. Worse yet, you’ll never know that you missed the opportunity.

But you have no need to worry, because GoTour has helped you to elevate CX before the prospect has chosen who they’ll contact–and they’ve chosen to tour your model home.

Again, GoTour is there to help you elevate CX–this time, in-home.

When prospects arrive, you’ll simply hand them an iPad with GoTour installed. As they tour the model home, the application will highlight the home’s features and the options available. And as you can imagine, an interactive experience like that will set you and your homes apart from the competition.

In the end, the CX equation is quite simple: A deeper engagement improves customer experience; better customer experience makes it more likely that they’ll select you over your competition, and more conversions equal greater success.

Contact Avid today, and let us put this CX equation to work for you.

FEATURES: Click here to learn more about GoTour’s many features!

  • GoTour uses iFrame and HTML5 technology, allowing builders to host GoTour experiences on their website.
  • GoTour integrates customer reviews into the experience (reviews are sought out by over 81% of customers looking for a builder).
  • GoTour integrates option and design selections from your Design Center, allowing your customers to:
    • View options designated by builder only.
    • Manage wish lists and design boards.
    • Use social sharing to help them promote your homes and features.
  • GoTour’s technology allows customers to choose from a variety of touring methods:
    • HD Video: Video is the most popular and easily accessible means to present a home, a must-have for users whose devices may not be capable of viewing Matterports or CGI (see below).
    • Matterport (3D/360 tours): Utilize the latest in home scanning technology to scan your own homes or use a service to upload and host them in GoTour. We supercharge the Matterport experience by adding customer reviews, customer video testimonials, product options and much more.
    • Computer Generated Tours (CGI): Sell homes before they are built by using CGI and hosting them in GoTour.
    • Slideshows: Re-deploy your images in GoTour to make it the centralized platform for viewing all of your home tour media.
    • VR headset: The latest version of GoTour includes a VR Headset mode to allow your customers to take a fully immersive virtual reality tour of your homes.
  • GoTour OnSite can be used by customers to take a self-guided tour of your model homes via their own device or a builder-provided iPad.
  • GoTour can be downloaded as an Apple iOS App and uses Mobile Responsive Technology.
  • GoTour allows your sales team to create digital portfolios which can be presented to consumers.

Contact us to learn about even more GoTour features!

BENEFITS: Click here to learn more about GoTour’s many benefits!

  • GoTour has a proven track-record of getting results, including:
    • Increased Sales of Homes by 20%
    • Increased Options Sales by 11%
    • Increased time on builder’s website by over 300%
  • GoTour has over 1,200,000 unique visitors annually.
  • GoTour boasts 1000+ active model locations.
  • GoTour visitors view options selections 36% of the time.
  • GoTour is simply more engaging, with interactive, high-definition videos, voice-overs, and music.

Contact us to learn about even more GoTour benefits!

TEST GOTOUR: Click here for links that will allow you to demo GoTour!

GOTOUR ONSITE: Click here to learn more about this "museum tour" experience!

GoTour ONSITESales model traffic can now enjoy a rewarding museum tour experience with this award-winning mobile app, available free at the Apple App Store.

The award-winning GoTour home virtualization system moves into the iBeacon world with GoTour ONSITE. Now the gap is bridged between the digital tool for consumers and physical model homes. Envision customers walking sales models while their mobile devices give them an interactive museum tour experience of the property.

GoTour ONSITE represents the home building industry’s first-ever Clicks and Bricks™ technology solution that engages on-site traffic and motivates them to purchase a new home.

GOTOUR AWARDS: Click here to see the list of awards GoTour has garnered!

Constructech Awards:

  • 2015 Product of the Year
  • 2013 Product of the Year
  • 2014 Vision Gold Award
  • 2013 Vision Gold Award

Builder Magazine Awards:

  • 2014 International Builders’ Show Top-5 Products for Sales Pros

Jeanne Conger

“We’ve seen great engagement – our buyers are not only spending more time on the virtual tours but they’re actually using the wish list and using social media and getting their friends and family involved in the buying process, so for us, it’s been phenomenal.”

Jeanne Conger
Rausch Coleman Homes