Building Product Manufacturers

The Secret to Growing Your Business?
Understanding Your Customers Like Never Before.

Avid Ratings How We HelpHow We Help Building Product Manufacturers
We provide detailed insights into the customer experience that will help guide your decisions and improve your business (not to mention your bottom line). Our combination of advanced data technology and an easy-to-use customer experience platform will help you truly understand and connect with your customers — whether they be distributors, contractors, installers, or consumers.

Benefits of AvidCX

Customer Relationships

Build Direct Customer Relationships

  • Increase Product Registrants
  • Improve Customer Connection
  • Transform Customers into Brand Advocates

Understand the Customer Experience

  • Collect In-Depth Customer Feedback
  • Receive Straightforward Reporting
  • Plan Actionable Next Steps
Drive More Buying Behaviors

Drive More Buying Behaviors

  • Improve the Buyer Experience
  • Share Positive Customer Views
  • Strengthen Customer Brand Affinity

We Help Increase Online Ratings & Reviews…

In today’s digital age, customers rely on online ratings and review more than ever. We help you boost your credibility through tools that encourage customers to leave product ratings and reviews.

BPM Ratings and Reviews

…And Share Them with Future Customers

We also help you share ratings and reviews with future customers. Through Avid software, you can publish ratings and reviews to social platforms including the below:

Avid Social Platforms

*Some social platforms may require a subscription to share reviews