Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) Partners with Avid Ratings for Market Research

Whistler, BC – Released April 4, 2014
The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) is pleased to announce a partnership with Avid Ratings Canada to conduct a nationwide market research study to gather valuable insights about today’s home buyer market and preferences. At its 2014 annual meeting in Whistler, British Colombia, the CHBA marketing committee announced its plans to move forward with a national study to assess Canadian housing preferences, buyer demographics, home features, and building innovations. We are delighted to work with Avid on this project to annually gauge the market,” stated Kevin Lee, CHBA CEO.  “With Avid’s expertise in this area, the information gathered will provide invaluable customer insights to our builders and renovators throughout Canada.”
Press Conference
The program details will be announced in a online press conference where by callers can ask questions and sign up for the program. The live video conference call to discuss this program will be held on May 16, 2014 at 2PM EST.  The conference will be simultaneously broadcast over the World Wide Web to registered attendees.
Program Summary
The survey will garner nationwide participation via CHBA members and Avid clients throughout Canada. Builders who participate in this study will receive a complimentary report of their customer’s home buying preferences. These results will be delivered through the award winning Avid® Reports system, which will allow users to slice and dice their data and turn this information into valuable knowledge to guide their business.
In partnership with CHBA, Avid will aggregate the results of all participating builders into industry-wide reports of the various markets across Canada. These aggregated reports will be available for purchase and download at the CHBA website. As always, confidentiality, anti-spam and privacy laws will be adhered to in this study to provide builders and renovators with a safe and cost effective way to get transparency into what consumers want in a new home.
Tim Bailey, Avid President adds, “This marketing study is an important step forward for CHBA that will enlighten the industry today about what Canadian buyers want in a new home. Furthermore, every builder who participates will receive a complimentary report on their customers, a valuable resource for growing companies.”
About the Canadian Home Builders’ Association
The Canadian Home Builders’ Association is the ‘voice of the residential construction industry’ across Canada, with over 8,500 member firms. CHBA members represent new home builders, renovators and land developers, along with a wide range of industry partners including building materials and products manufacturers and suppliers, financial institutions and professional services.
About Avid Ratings 
Founded in 1992, Avid Ratings is a full-service customer loyalty management firm, providing customer loyalty research, reputation management, organizational consulting, and innovative marketing solutions that drive home building success. Serving over 2800 home builders throughout Canada and the U.S., Avid maintains North America’s largest database of home buyer satisfaction to benchmark its clients. To learn more about the award winning Avid 3.0 suite of services (GoSurvey®, GoSocialTM, and GoTour®), visit
For more information about this press release, please contact Tim Bailey, Division President, Avid Ratings Canada,1-416-619-4493 or email

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