Avid Ratings Announces New Enhancements And Increased Integration For Gotour® New Home Experience

Home virtualization system provides a cost-effective singular digital platform for builders, remodelers and product manufacturers to deepen engagement with prospects and improve ROI
MADISION, WI (May 10, 2016) – Avid Ratings, the creator of the award-winning GoTour® home virtualization system for the homebuilding industry, announced enhanced integrated features to improve the customer experience (CX) and usability for its mobile and online app. GoTour® allows builders, remodelers and manufacturers a cost-effective way to enable a robust digital shopping experience on a singular platform with multiple technologies that fit seamlessly in one setting.
“GoTour’s enhanced features make the user experience more interactive and engaging for those shopping for a new home,” said Paul Cardis, founder and CEO at Avid Ratings. “Builders now have a flexible, digital toolbox that lets them create sophisticated, customized sales experiences for prospects before they ever contact the sales center or step foot in a model home. Building product manufacturers can now engage with prospects earlier in the selection process by showcasing their products and illustrating how they function or appear in a home.”
Enhanced features for the app include iFrame and HTML 5 technology that allows builders and remodelers to embed videos and host home tours directly on their website, integration of Yelp-like customer reviews through Avid’s GoSocial platform, and the integration of option/design selections that can be directly uploaded from a builder’s design center. Prospects can view home options designated by a builder only (reducing Houzz features that are not carried by a builder), add wish lists and design boards, and engage in social-like sharing experiences that help to ultimately promote a builder’s homes and a manufacturer’s product features. Builders can also use the Salesperson Digital Portfolio to create a digital sales team that can virtually interact with customers.
GoTour’s enhanced technology also allows customers to choose from a variety of digital touring methods to captivate and help convert sales prospects and increase product options sales. Builders and remodelers can offer high-definition video, complemented with voiceover, music and virtual reality (VR) headset mode for fully immersive tours. Matterport 3D/360 tours provide dynamic 3D floor plans and lets users control “dollhouse” views from any angle for a virtual walkthrough, watch, post and read customer reviews, customer video testimonials, and product options, while Computer Generated Tours provides tours of homes that are still under construction.
“This deeper engagement improves the customer’s experience that can lead to increased sales conversions for builders and increased options sales for manufacturers,” said Cardis. “Based on the 1,000+ active model locations to date, 36 percent of visitors that view the options selection in GoTour are directly tied into increased sales, with increased options sales by 11 percent for manufacturers. For builders, GoTour improves time on homebuilder websites by more than 300 percent, with increased home sales by 20 percent.”
GoTour ONSITE bridges the gap between a digital tool and a physical model home tour, allowing builders and manufacturers to educate, engage and motivate on-site traffic with an interactive museum tour experience. GoTour ONSITE, which is currently available for free at the Apple App Store, allows prospects to take a self-guided tour of model homes via their own mobile device or a builder-provided iPad. Using scanning technology, GoTour ONSITE picks up frequencies from small transmitters placed in locations throughout a home. When users get near an appliance, material or other feature in the home where the transmitter has been placed, they can view a video or see specific option features.
“The way people shop for homes has dramatically changed and will continue to change,” said Cardis. “Consumers want more research, insight and the ability to do that on their desktops, tablets and phones. By using our system, builders can highlight the home’s features and amenities, while manufacturers can create customized messaging and platforms such as video to point buyers directly to their products in the home and educate them beyond the typical brochure or factsheet.”
For more information about the Avid GoTour offering, please visit https://www.avidratings.com/gotour or contact info@avidratings.com.
About Avid Ratings
Founded in 1992, Avid Ratings Co. (avidratings.com) is a full-service customer experience (CX) firm dedicated exclusively to helping residential construction companies maximize customer value, increase sales velocity and grow market share. Avid develops and implements end-to-end voice of customer (VoC) and integrated marketing technologies for attracting, delighting and activating loyal homebuilding and remodeling customers. Avid Ratings currently serves over 2,000 residential construction companies throughout North America and is ranked among the “50 Most Influential Tech Companies in Residential Construction” by Constructech magazine.
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