Avid Measures More of What’s Important to Homebuyers.

For more than 20 years, Avid Ratings has helped thousands of builders strengthen their reputations and sell more homes to more satisfied homebuyers. We possess the most comprehensive database of homeowner reviews and marketing tools, which enables builders to compare and improve themselves against their peers and then promote positive ratings online to prospective homebuyers.

Common Survey Touchpoints

Avid Ratings uses a series of surveys that allow you to measure, monitor and optimize the homebuyer experience, creating loyal brand advocates all along the way.

  • Pre-Start Survey – captures feedback on any aspect of the sales and design process
  • Pre-Drywall Survey – gauges homeowner sentiment on aspects of the process prior to move-in to ensure things are on track
  • Move-In Survey – measures the total process: sales and buying, design, selections, construction, workmanship, materials and more
  • Mid-Year Survey – measures satisfaction with your team’s performance, customer service, warranty services, product quality and more
  • Year-End Survey – the most effective measure to determine long-term customer happiness and layout – focuses deep on all aspects of the experience to date

Digital Dashboard

Avid Ratings lets you understand everyone and everything that shapes your brand. Explore our AvidCX platform below.