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Enter a GoTour to Win NEW Top Virtual Home Tour Award Selected by Industry Peers

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s no longer enough to excel at customer experience (CX) after a prospect contacts you. To amplify your presence among your competitors, you must elevate customer experience before your customer makes contact.

Builders are encouraged to submit a digital home tour for a new award category recognizing the best online experience (e.g. high-definition (HD) video, Matterport®3D/360 tours or slideshow). Utilizing Avid’s GoTour® platform, builders will compete for industry peer votes to win for most engaging online home tour.

What is GoTour?

GoTour is a home virtualization system that allows builders a cost-effective way to enable a robust digital shopping experience on a single platform with multiple technologies that fit seamlessly on a builder’s website.

GoTour’s enhanced technology allows customers to choose from a variety of integrated digital touring methods to captivate them, convert sales prospects and increase product option sales. Builders can offer HD video, complemented with voiceover, music and/or virtual reality (VR) headset mode for fully immersive tours. Matterport® 3D/360 tours provide dynamic floor plans, allowing users to control “dollhouse” views from any angle for a virtual walkthrough; view customer reviews, video testimonials, and product options; while Computer-Generated Tours provide a look at homes that are still under construction.

For more information on GoTour, click here.

Who can enter?

There are three ways to enter this award category:

  1. Submit an existing GoTour, created in 2015 or 2016
  2. Submit an existing online or mobile property tour produced via HD video, a Matterport 3D/360 tour or slideshow, and Avid will upload it to the GoTour platform
  3. Develop a new GoTour from scratch via Avid Ratings

What is the cost and how do I sign up?

The Nationals standard entry cost is $295, plus additional fees depending on the category entered (e.g. existing GoTour, existing digital media with GoTour conversion, or the development of a new GoTour).

To sign up and confirm specific special rate pricing, visit The Nationals website and an Avid GoTour representative will contact you to complete the entry process.

How are finalists selected?

New this year, the GoTour Industry Choice Award presented by Avid Ratings is determined based on industry peer votes*. Once an entry has been submitted and finalized with your GoTour representative, it will be uploaded to a page where all entries can be viewed.

Homebuilding industry professionals will get a chance to vote for their favorite GoTour based on overall exterior and interior architecture, design appeal, function, and creative use of interior space and integration of plan design. The builder that receives the highest number of votes wins and will be recognized during The Nationals at the International Builders Show in Orlando on January 10th, 2017.

*One vote per person

When is the deadline for submission?

Entries will be accepted until October 4.
Voting takes place November 1 – November 14.

When will the finalists be announced?

Finalists will be announced along with all of the other Nationals categories on November 7.

Can GoTour be used for marketing purposes following The Nationals?

Yes, absolutely. The GoTours produced by Avid for this award category can be added to builders’ websites and other marketing to enhance market presence and sell more homes. Give GoTour a try today and win a Nationals award.

To submit your GoTour, please fill in the inquiry form below and an Avid GoTour representative will contact you to complete the entry process.

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Why Choose GoTour?

Jeanne Conger

“We’ve seen great engagement – our buyers are not only spending more time on the virtual tours but they’re actually using the wish list and using social media and getting their friends and family involved in the buying process, so for us, it’s been phenomenal.”

Jeanne Conger
Rausch Coleman Homes