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Harvest Village Ph 1, February 2018


Liked Most

They are very efficient and information. Very very good to work with.

Would Change

More options for inside such as the carpets and painting and laminate counter tops.

Timbervine Ph 1, February 2018


Liked Most

I'm sure I'd be able to answer this question better after the issues with the house are resolved but now isn't a good time as I'm working on all of the issues. I will say that now that I've been transferred to a new customer service representative, he has been much more responsive and has validated my concerns more. Also, as a researcher, you may want to consider sending this out after fixes are made because sending a survey during this timing will elicit negative survey bias.

Would Change

I felt like through the new home demo I was really rushed. The person giving us the tour seemed very annoyed when we pointed out issues with the home, and eventually told us (us is me and my relator) that we had to stop pointing out issues because he had another appointment and to instead put it on the 30-day list. On the check-list I noted that there was a lot of dings in the master bath tub. On closing, the guy going through it with me said it was fixed, but it clearly wasn't and when I pointed it out to him he said how embarrassed he was and that he didn't actually check because he just trusted his people! Multiple other items from that initial demo were never addressed either, and I'm still working on getting those does. In addition, when I made complaints, they were undermined. For example, there was a dripping sound from my pipes, after my persistence, they sent a plumber out who said it wasn't a big deal, and they reassured me that the problem was fixed. Weeks later I came home to a roofer checking out the roof because of the sound - this was not communicated to me that he was coming by because they said it was fine, but the roofer went into the attic and found the pipes were not lined, and that was the cause of the dripping. Another example is that my plants were planted in the middle of January, even though I was promised they wouldn't be planted until spring. Again, the work was done without a heads-up. Examples like that make me feel like the builder is just putting things together very quickly and not paying attention to the details and not caring about the buyer. This, among other reasons, is why I have not been recommending you to my colleagues (and I work at the largest employer in town).