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Nanoose Bay, August 2019


Liked Most

I love my home it’s quality built and super custom it has everything I wanted. Our project manager worked above and beyond to ensure we had a quality home we were happy with. The quality above everything with the home and service was top notch and I can’t complain about the home or the alair team they were wonderful to work with and always had a smiling positive attitude.

Would Change

I would have changed the design and estimate phase. I did not like our architect at all I think he should be held personally responsible for wasting months of our time and huge amounts of our money. I feel if he did not give excuses and the run around of 3 months to change a roof line then my score for home value versus what I spent would have been a 6 and not a 3. I paid about 10-15% of my homes value on house plans that could not be pinned down. I whole heartily blame the architect Austin for delaying my project at least 6 months and wasting more money than I would ever like to know. I would build another home with Alair but would never use the architect company provided again. The only thing I mentioned when people ask “who wouldn’t I use” after this whole process was the architect I thought he was unprofessional and did a mediocre job with the plans , he gave us stuff we never asked for like an extravagant outdoor pizza oven and then billed us to take it out of the plans. Again he is unprofessional and should not be used for work with Alair.

Nanaimo, April 2019


Liked Most

What is there not to like?! The two individuals we worked closest to were professional at all times. They cared about our needs and kept our wants within budget range. They offered solutions to any problems and made suggestions that we hadn't thought of during our design / build. We were allowed to visit the site daily and ensure things were done to our satisfaction and if something was being done incorrect (to the plans or request) the Project Manager was immediately on top of it. He also kept us informed of the goings on and chatted throughout the day on items that required immediate decision making to avoid delays. I can't say enough about the two individuals we dealt with at Alair and I wrote a commendation to have them and Alair acknowledged.

Would Change

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