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Rivest, March 2017


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larger pantry and master bedroom, laundry room and office - I had concerns about them being too small and after all is said and done, I do find them too small. I would prefer an interior designer made my interior and exterior selections, I hated having to make all those decisions, as I am not qualified. I left rushed to make decisions on exterior view and floor plan.

Artes, March 2017


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The girls in the Albi sales office were great to work with. Treasure them.

Would Change

Where do I start? When we were making the decision to build we were provided with the Albi Premium Luxury Specs. After we signed the contract we learned we had the True Luxury pkg., home pricing. Some times I think we should have just walked away then. From that point on the "never again" process of building a home began. The decision was made to build the Prairie series show home. Our only change request was making the foyer wider and we went with standard stairs and not curved. We never wanted the standard plan ever! We wanted the show home. Original pricing should have been scrapped - it would have avoided all the costly to us upgrades. We had to even fight to get the exterior facade of the show home and we have walls that are shorter and we don't know why, nor would we have known to look for that on the plans "we signed off on". Because we never asked for those changes. Some designer we never met made decisons that should never have been made and once made should have been communicated to us. Fifteen inches on a wall is huge! Two feet on the front our your house facade is huge and of course because someone else changed it and those changes were not indicated on the drawings, "we signed off on it"! So it cost us $900.00 to change to make it right. We had caught the changes to rear of the home sooner but thery were altered with out us understanding the complications of stock plan pricing as well. There were so many things in the process of the build we were not expecting to deal with. Will save those for a different time. I will always regret not hiring my own interior designer to help me with the interior finishing selections. I did not know what to look for but thought I had asked all the right questions. I have hardwood floor in my million dollar home that is better suited to a bar. The tile I selected for my fireplace based on a sample at the galleria has 1 tile I based my decision on. I was extremley disappointed with the selection at the galleria and the True Luxury standards. Albi should be embarrassed. Seriously 12 x 12 tiles are your true luxury standard? Buy the time I figured out upgrades would be required for every selection to truly make my home true luxury I was so frustrated I chose standard selections so Albi could not make any more money off us. Samples at the Galleria do not adequetly represent the products you are selecting. The granite sample looked nothing like the slab and yet you base your open concept home on that key sample. I made the girls at the Galleria aware of my concerns. I then spent a day of my time running and collecting samples so I could select a granite I liked. Again I mention two key features of my home. The hardwood floor is nothing I would have selected had I been properly informed at the time of my selection how much care it requires. That spills can stain if not caught promptly. That it will feel uneven underfoot, and that is acceptable up to a credit card thickness. The sample did not reflect it would look like a patch work quilt. The sample did not reflect it would snag socks and that it is quite likely someone will get a sliver from it. I relied on the so called experts from Albi and their suppliers and it will be my bigget regret. We are finding north facing rooms in the basement cold with the heat vent wide open and yet our master suite is like a sauna at night. Our finished basement is cold. I don't feel adequate heat vents would be our responsibility. As you see so many things can make a build difficult.