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Jade, March 2018


Liked Most

Found Carrington when I was online back in September when I was first considering buying a condo - Read about their 30+ year history and felt confident I needed to check it out -- and realized that when I did see another property I was always comparing it against what I had seen / would be getting at the Jade 2

Would Change

As you can see from my positive responses I'm very happy with my purchase at Jade 2 - The whole experience was great and the people I met with from Carrington were knowledgeable in their roles - which made everything go smoothly and I had no unnecessary worries along the way. Trent was amazing and put up with my multiple visits and many questions before I made my final decision - If by chance he didn't know the answer he found it out and got back to me with a prompt reply - he's a super easy going guy who knows his stuff and was able to let the building and quality of materials do the selling - he represented Carrington thoroughly and with out putting pressure on me was a huge part of making the outcome what it was Shawna met me to do the walk through - and we went through everything - she was really patient with me - and made sure all concerns were noted Terry-Lynn met me at head office - to get the keys and go over last minute paperwork - another experience that was real smooth Ranford was waiting at the front door for my arrival - got me set up with the front door buzzer - made sure all concerns from my walk through the week earlier had been addressed - took the time to explain different things regarding the building / garage door protocol - good info I'll use All of the above mentioned employees made my experience what it was - and I'm so grateful for their help and kindness along the way -- A BIG thanks to them all !! I don't have anything to write about for what I liked the least - but know that if there was something I would be giving you a detailed account of it

Jade, March 2018


Liked Most

Defintely not their first project and process was fairly streamlined.

Would Change

Smooth process and appears decent quality. Half interior doors and all kitchen cupboard doors needed to be replaced because warped. Should have been done prior to posession, not wait to be identified at walk through.