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Southridge, May 2019


Liked Most

Location was fantastic. Also the floor plan is great. The warranty people have been great with the exception of the electrician. All have been prompt, helpful, and done great work.

Would Change

1) Bring back the options! Great location but I'm having to spend a lot of money after the fact on both things behind the drywall (lighting and gas appliance hookups) and upgrading finishes. I'd rather roll this into my 30 year mortgage since cash is now much shorter after the close. 2) The schedule needed to be managed better. The house sat for 1.5 months with the interior finished but with the exterior waiting on the weather. In the end, we moved in but the exterior items weren't done still! We could have been in 1.5 months earlier. Furthermore, the exterior is supposed to be done per the escrow holdback by June 1. It is May 16 (1 month after closing now) and we've not even seen anyone to come do the cleanup of the yard to prep for landscape and final grade. It is going to end up being a super rush job and we are apparently the bottom of the schedule. You would think CBH would like their final money. And I would love to take advantage of the nice weather to work on the exterior. 3) Just communicate better on the schedule and timeline. I'd rather know than just be kept in the dark waiting. In the day an age of computerized schedules, you would think a self service portal tied into the schedule would do it. Don't even need humans communicating, just show the major milestones on what you have.

Caden Creek, May 2019


Liked Most

We really like the floor plan.

Would Change

CBH seems to be spreading itself too thin. Satisfactorily finish the homes in progress before continuing to build more. Too many sub divisions under development. I realize Boise is booming, but quality and satisfaction need to take priority over quantity.