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Bakers Farm, August 2018


Liked Most

Dee and Eli were wonderful to deal with. There were a lot of uncertainties with Dee about what was included since ours was the first "Bright Home" but that is not a fault of hers, but when she would reach out to the people above her about answers, it did take a while to hear back and they don't work with you on basically anything at all once your process has started, even if there was miscommunications or uncertainties. Eli was soooo great and I actually just had a friend of mine officially sign up for a lot down the road from ours by our recommendation and that was strictly because of the experience Eli gave my fiancé and I. When we came in for the final walkthrough, I walked in and he was touching up paint and scuffing out scratches in the floor himself. He was so helpful and out of everyone we dealt with along the way, was the only one to make us feel like he wanted us to have a quality home. Overall, we love the community out in Priceville and are glad we decided to do a new build for our first home but the process definitely could've been a little smoother.

Would Change

My floorplan was the first one of this kind built in Bakers Farm so I understand we were the guinea pigs and there would be confusion but so many things were stated one thing originally and we didn't figure out that wasn't correct until it was already said and done with the construction and nothing that we could do about it at that point. The what's included interior list is very vague in my opinion- it has a lot of things listed so it looks promising but its not what it seems when you break it down to standard construction and what should be included with the price you're paying and there were lots of things that just weren't listed at all that you think are standard but they don't actually include. The model home is deceiving. It is completely upgraded so you see it and when you see what a standard Davidson Home actually includes, it's nothing that is in the model home. I also will say at one point, I was upset because I felt like Davidson was more concerned with getting more houses up faster rather than the quality of the home they were building. We had so many issues during our first walkthrough that it was really discouraging. And it was things that were agreed to be fixed... but had we not known it wasn't right and didn't say anything, then I have no doubt Davidson would've tried to just get by with what they had slapped up. We had a couple crooked baseboard frame issues we just have to deal with because they aren't fixable at that point. Tons of scratches in the floors that we upgraded to and half of our door frames had cracks in them during our walkthrough. Countertop backsplash wasn't installed correctly. Lots of paint chips or paint from baseboard on floors, etc.

Laurenwood, August 2018


Liked Most

The floor-plans and little details like pre-wiring for ceiling fans and lots of electrical outlets show lots of thought was put into these houses!

Would Change

I would hire more Davidson employees to manage sub-contractors better and to reject shotty and sub-standard workmanship from them.