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Cherry Valley Estates, May 2022


Review of Overall Experience

Good company, love our house and the materials and craftsmanship that built it. Reliable at returning calls or texts with concerns and very good at making corrections within the contract. Process while not entirely stress free, was about the best we could have hoped it could be. Also appreciated the ability to customize it by adding upgrades and options. Biggest areas that could use improvement would be providing the list of options in a categorizad way so that the buyer doesn’t miss an upgrade that would have been chosen with the knowledge that it was available. But also the buyer should know that the biggest delays usually involve the upgrades but still worth the time to get them. The one area I think that is the most overlooked is the placement of switches and outlets. It was recommended to us by our project manager and I would agree it is best to be there during the wiring phase so that your preferences can be addressed prior to drywall. This made a huge difference in placing our decor, furniture, task lighting and placement of electronics. Overall, no hesitation in recommending them!

Wexford Station, February 2022


Review of Overall Experience

From being misled on lot size and topography to a fire in our attic shortly after move in, up charged 20% on lighting from their vendor, having our front door installed incorrectly creating many problems which eddy homes will still not address to our satisfaction, sloppy painting and dry wall finishing - even after many requested touch ups were supposedly done, damaged garage door panels still not replaced, breakfast area cabinetry not done to sketched layouts, scratched pocket doors left without repair, downsized back patio causing railing at boulder wall to land in middle of stationary door panel, great room built ins finished substandard - even carpenter that built them was upset at painting/caulking, cancelled light fixtures that I had to procure and have installed myself, building schedules were not near adhered to and they were totally insensitive to our needs, had to sign contract to commit before having finished selections for interior - being told $100,000 would certainly finish the interior nicely - we spent $300,000 to finish - scheduled service appointments have not been kept either no product, no service people available or just a no show, some originally selected items have been not available when they were ordered months later and we had to make new selections to fit with the other coordinating choices, no care was given to allow us to make selections for all coordinating items, communication has been kept to emails with very little phone contact to discuss issues we were having, even after upgrading windows and doors we still have a fair amount of condensation on the inside of the windows in just about every room, after adding an air cleaner to our furnace it had to be removed - the furnace was installed at the front of the utility room leaving inadequate room to then install water heater behind furnace - air cleaner had to be removed, drain line had to be moved and the floor had to be jack hammered to move the drain line, building this house was akin to a comedy of errors. Only without the laughter on our part.