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Villas of Forest at FW, April 2019


Liked Most

The selections coordinator and builder's rep were invaluable in providing us with comments and guidance with the entire selections process and were very patient over several appointments. The home itself is well built.

Would Change

There was almost no sense of urgency with anything within one month of closing. The site or building manager did not communicate well with us and appeared to overlook many finishing issues and made assumptions without confirming that later had to be changed which also contributed to our delayed closing. Subcontractors mostly did not care about quality of work or finishing but were able to come back 2 or 3 times to get it right which also contributed to our delayed closing. We identified 46 items to be completed 2 weeks before closing and maybe half were done and we're still waiting on over a dozen after occupying the home for 5 weeks. The site or project manager needs to be in charge of LESS homes so he can properly manage existing projects!

Hackenjos 4th Addition, April 2019


Liked Most

The decorating selection process. That was a very easy-going experience. It’s wonderful to have all of those decisions out of the way before even beginning the building process.

Would Change

We had major concerns about the drywall, sanding and paint crews throughout the process. i.e. finding our home completely dark ay 9 p.m. (prior to lighting installation) and after watching the house for over 10 minutes, upon hearing our care doors close a light came on in the house. We walked in to find a non-English speaking man, so we had a language barrier when trying to assess what he was doing, simply responded “I sanding” several times. The walls are terrible in some spots. Our construction manager told me I “needed to respect the building process” when I had finally had enough and spoke up. The drywall crew left our home unlocked/unsecured more than 8 times. Jeff told us he addressed it, but it continued to happen. We finally had our friend, who teaches Spanish, translate a sign for us. That took care of the problem. One of the drywall crew smoked in our daughter’s room and stamped the butt out on the floor leaving it for us to clean up. The drywall was and sanders left the house completely ransacked each day with food containers, spilt coffee, wrappers, etc. We feared we’d end up with rodents.