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Grayson Park, January 2021


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There was no communication especially during a cross country move. You need better agents who actually care and want to help customers. If it wasn’t for our realtor we would have never received updates. Construction was sub par at best and you cancelled an orientation meeting on me after I flew cross country with a 3 month old for nothing because the superintendent dragged his feet and the home was nowhere near ready. You pushed my close date and cost me 6,000 extra dollars for moving and storage of our items due to changing the close date. Then our stuff got broken in the process because it had to go to storage. Our final walkthrough and the house still was nowhere complete. Day of close you scrambled to fix up the house and rushed and it shows. There are so many problems and no everything is a warranty item. Our front door locked shut from the inside and out and the superintendent told me too bad I’m on my way back home for Christmas break, it will wait until Monday. Had to call a locksmith. House is terrible and not up to our standards and even with your warranty process, we cannot get things fixed properly. I’m disgusted by the process and you ruined the new home build process for us. This was supposed to be a happy fresh start in our new home abs it’s nothing but a headache. Not worth the money and will not recommend H&H moving forward. Still have numerous warranty items to get fixed and the warranty rep had been lackluster in helping as well. Everyone seems to care less and it took a call to Steve to make some stuff happen.

Woodbridge Meadows, January 2021


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Responsive to the criticism on initial days walkthrough

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Lazy craftsmanship; cigarette butts and trash all over the lawn