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Griffin Park, July 2021


Review of Overall Experience

We have had multiple experiences that were not good. First, the plan that we agree upon had two major discrepancies. We paid an extra $15k for an upstairs room in the Sheffield plan and no one communicated to us that the upper room eliminates the 10 foot ceilings in the front bedroom In fact, the plan shows the upper room AND 10 foot ceilings in the front room. The second of these issues was with the cedar beam on the front of the house. The plan calls for the cedar beam to be 9.5 feet from the patio. It is a foot short of that. There was not solution given to that other than "we can't move it". So the corbels were turned and the sidewalk moved. Neither were great compromises. Our plan also called for the cedar to be stained and very late in the process we were informed that Harris Doyle will not stain the beams, regardless of the documentation that was agreed upon. We ended up with the cedar being painted - also not ideal. We had other issues that had to be reworked - the tile the shower had to be extended to have the proper size shower. While the incorrect tile was in, the shower glass was measured resulting in the wrong size glass being ordered and having to be taken out and redone. This was not done until after closing. The bulk head in the kitchen was too large which we had to point out and have redone. The dining room ceiling was completed with sheet rock when it should have been pine and it had to be redone. In the Sheffield there is a circular rotund. One of the walls in our rotund was badly twisted and not aligned with the other walls. We pointed this out weeks before closing and it was finally addressed a few days before closing. It took over two weeks after we moved in to have landscaping and grass completed. Now that the grass is installed there are multiple areas that are and will continue to be significant drainage issues. I have photos of these areas. I have requested that the poor drainage been looked at. This needs to be corrected. I also requested that a silt fence be installed to prevent the dirt and debris from the construction next door from continuing to wash into our new grass and kill it - this has not been done. Other items not done until after closing - over a month to re-key the front door lock. We are still waiting on the front downspout to be installed. This results in water runoff from the roof and erosion in the newly installed landscaping. It took over a month to pressure wash the house and driveway. We are still waiting on the exterior siding and doors to be repainted/touched up. There is a leak in one of the gutters that I've asked to be addressed with no response. There is not good communication or coordination. There seems to be no coordination between trades. There is not good communication from the builder to the homeowner. There needs to be a full time quality control person to identify and correct issues during and after construction is complete. Someone who identifies ongoing and repeat issues could make changes to save significant, time, money and frustration. No one is paying attention to the issues and problems except for the homeowner. Very few of the issues we have had would have been addressed had we not pointed them out and asked they be correct.

Simms Landing, July 2021


Review of Overall Experience

Everything has been a smooth process. A few hiccups which will take time to repair/replace. The design process was interesting in terms of what was truly available or not.