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Raindance, March 2020


Liked Most

1) I love the layout and size of the house for the price paid. 2) I love the style of the trim and doors. 3) I love the exterior lighting and how the style matches the style/shape of the house and garage doors. 4) I love the color and quality of the paint, interior trim, tile, cabinets, and LVP wood floors. 5) I love the tall ceilings on the main floor. 6) I love the shape and size of the entryway outside and inside. 7) I love the size and placement of the windows all around the main floor. 8) I love the number of bathrooms and bedrooms and that each of my children have a bedroom and shared bathroom. 8) I love that we have a guest room with a walk in closet and large bathroom. 9) I love that the guest room has it's own hallway and feels so private. 10) I love the large closet at the end of the hallway. 11) I love the extra storage room in the basement that we will convert into a home gym. 12) I love the closet inside the basement bathroom. 13) I love the covered front porch and patio. 14) I love how much light is in the kitchen. 15) I love the large island. 16) I love the double oven and upgrade I was given. It's gorgeous! 17) I love the range, except that it is not level. 18) I love my deep single sink! It is glorious when washing dishes and at keeping the counters clear of dirty dishes. 19) I love the large pantry and wooden shelves and height between the shelves. 20) I love the colors of the exterior brown siding and white trim. 21) I love the size of the master bedroom and window placements. 22) I love the master bathroom, minus the very small and cheap bathtub. 23) I love that the tile extends to the ceiling in all the showers. 24) I love the basement layout. I love having a kitchenette connected to an open entertaining area. 25) I love the front flex room that we've made into a library. 26) I love the large mudroom and closet. 27) I loved working with Rich and the new Super Intendant. They were so kind and easy to talk to. They explained things well and were very thorough. I never felt disrespected by them. 28) I love the location of my home being across the street from the playground. 29) I was extremely grateful that Horizon finished our house earlier than originally expected and made such a great effort to get our home completed well before Christmas! We love our home and hope that we can resolve the other issues, especially with our land. We are glad that we bought a Horizon View home and our family has enjoyed it so much so far!

Would Change

1) I am extremely upset that the tiny bit of land we were given for the very high price we paid for it went from starting out flat, when we chose the lot, to becoming a hill with very steep sides. I was very clear with Rhonda and my realtor that we wanted to build a home where we could have a flat driveway for our kids to play basketball on. We chose our lot because it was flat. If this lot wouldn't be able to offer a flat driveway, the builders and Rhonda should have told us that right away since I had made my goals very clear for this yard and driveway. When they dug the land and laid the foundation, it was not nearly deep enough to create a flatter driveway. So, now our house stands higher than all of our neighbors and on top of a hill that was created by Horizon View. We were told that the 10% grade was needful with the type of soil Colorado has by Alex, the former Super Intendant. After learning from a professional landscape artist, this soil only needs a 1-3% grading to prevent damage to the foundation. There are Horizon Homes even on our street that have driveways, backyards, and side yards much flatter than ours that would have been much more conducive to basketball playing. We waited for 8 months to build this home while moving from out of state, and we did it so that we could create a great driveway for our kids to play basketball on. Now Horizon View has made our driveway so unusable that my car even slid down it when there was snow on it when it was parked. That's how steep it is. I am extremely bothered that I will have to pay a landscaper thousands of dollars to level and even out my small plot of land so that it can be functional for our family's use and to prevent my fence from falling. My husband and I are hoping that it won't come to that and that Horizon View will do their best to fix this mistake and inaccurate information. I know that the Super Intendant was dishonest with me when he told me it had to be such an extreme grading. Our land needs to be leveled, raised, and made functional by Horizon View, the way it should have been before closing. Horizon View has fixed our neighbor's land when he complained about the steepness and unleveledness of his yard. They even fixed it that day and extended that leveled and raised land beyond his property line. I expect to be treated with the same level of care for our safety and for the functional use of our land that we paid dearly for. 2) I am very frustrated and disappointed with the size of the master bathtub and feel that it is suitable for a young child, not a grown woman who loves her baths. The dimensions unfortunately do not allow for a remodel or upgrade to a reasonably sized bathtub without butchering the beautiful shower next to it. 3) I was very disappointed with the exterior color selection and lack of help. I was not happy with any of the options and came to find out later, after seeing houses being built, I could have removed my accent color and made my primary siding color the entire color of my house. Rhonda knew very well how unhappy I was with the color selections and should have told me that I had other options. My accent color and primary color do not have the same color tones and look mismatched. They bother me every day I look at them. Journey Homes had a much better color selection than Horizon View offered, and their colors combos matched much better. Now I will have to waste my money and time on paying for a painter to repaint the accent color and to get the color change approved by the HOA. I dislike seeing gray all over my street amongst the Horizon Homes, as well. It's too much gray and looks depressing. 4) I am extremely disappointed in the workmanship of the different contractors. I paid for several upgrades and am disappointed to see that my more expensive LVP wood flooring has cheaper finishes on the edges than the standard wood flooring when it connects to the tile and carpet. I even have a connecting strip that does not match my wood floor and looks like it comes from a different color selection than the one I have. I would like that changed out for the right wood color. I also dislike the customized break they made in the floor when we extended the wood. Where it meets the carpet in regards to the window location, and thus the furniture placement, is very unattractive. The designer at the design center should've been even more specific with me. The drawing provided wasn't accurate enough. 5) I was very unsatisfied with the countertop selection. I loved the quality offered for the standard granite and the upgraded quartz, but the color selection was awful for people who love design. It wasn't modern and there were very little options for white kitchens. I dislike the style of my white quartz, but that was the best option that was offered. I am very unhappy with the workmanship of the person who glued my quartz countertops together, especially for my kitchen island. The line is noticeably dark on the edges. I asked for it to be redone and they said they couldn't fix it. The contractor should have been more careful with dirt when working with a white countertop that I paid thousands to upgrade. 6) I am dissatisfied with the seams of my carpet. They are very noticeable and raised. We have had new carpet installed in our previous home and could never see bumps in the seams. In our Horizon Home I see it in multiple locations. The carpet contractor did a very poor job. In fact, they even carpeted over unfinished holes in our cement floor in our basement. We were lucky that we were checking on the worksmanship regularly, because that issue was completely overlooked, despite us saying something to the front office multiple times. (There was some heavy snow and a holiday that also made the timing and workers available difficult.) 7) I am very disappointed with the size of our 3 car garage. Our two car garage (with no annex) was bigger than this garage and provided much more storage space for shelves, deep freezers, and outdoor equipment. This garage has no space beyond the width of the garage doors. It is very shallow as well. We can hardly fit two smaller cars in it, plus our family's bikes and sports equipment. This is very inconvenient for storage purposes. 8) I am worried that the large bump we have between our driveway and walkway will cause someone to fall. I hope Horizon will make that flat and safe. 9) I find it very inconvenient where the floor vents are placed when it comes to furniture layout. 10) I find the location of the light switches to be very inconveniently placed for use and for decoration purposes. Sometimes I have to reach really far into a room just to turn on the light. 11) I was disappointed with the upgrade options for the carpet pad. It is thin and lacks good cushion. 12) I dislike not having locks on all bedroom doors. 13) I am very disappointed with our upgraded 4 prong outlets. They are cockeyed and uneven. I marked those on our walkthrough and they were not fixed. 14) I am extremely disappointed in what was fixed between our walk through and closing. Most of the minor fixes like paint touchups, holes in the walls, and cosmetic fixes were not addressed. I spent over 4 hours marking everything I could find with tape so that the contractors could make the things they missed right. I am extremely disappointed in the lack ? of work ethic and thoroughness of the contractors. The paint was not fixed in many places. The holes were not fixed. The cement hole next to the post was not filled and made even, despite me being very unsatisfied with the results. The wood was not smoothed. The excess paint on areas where it shouldn't be was not removed and cleaned. It seems that the finishing contractors just went around the house and removed my tape without fixing their work. That was a waste of my time then and will be in the future when I have to readdress these issues with warranty. I expected much better worksmanship when I'm spending over half a million dollars on a home. That is a lot of money and the contractors should have much better work ethic. 15) I was very disappointed and disgusted by the amount of trash all over our land and in our house throughout the entire building process. Our family came and cleaned up the litter and cans of alcohol several times and spent hours doing a job that should not have needed to be done. Horizon View buries the trash while they are building and that is very disappointing. I expect better work ethic and values than that, especially in more eco friendly state like Colorado. And I expect workers not to be drinking alcohol when they are building my house. People should be more professional and do the job right. 16) I also disliked my interactions with Rhonda in the beginning. At first, I felt like she tried to scare me to silence my voice by telling me horror stories of other buyers who had their contract revoked by Horizon for being too difficult to please. I also felt like she was dishonest by telling me there weren't options to resolve my concerns about the exterior paint. Then, by the end of the building process, I felt like she was really nice and acted like my buddy. I felt like the way she treated me was planned and not genuinely kind. 17) I was very disappointed in the lack of weekly phone calls I received from the builders on how my house was progressing and what to expect. They also did not leave messages if they couldn't get ahold of me the handful of times they did call. 18) I am disappointed that I have several walls that are not straight and have a decent sway in them, to the point where it is very noticeable where my quartz countertops meet the curved wall and the excess glue needed to fill in the gap. 18) I was disappointed with how dirty the house was still after closing. The floors were still dirty and everything was dusty. The cleaners should have done a more thorough job. I had to pay to have a professional cleaner come in and it took her 7 hours to clean a house that was brand new and completely empty. 19) The hanging light fixtures look too cheap for this house and are worse than the light fixtures found in a Journey Home. I am embarrassed by them. 20) I am frustrated that my cooking range is not level and that it wasn't fixed before closing.

Hidden Valley IV, February 2020


Liked Most

We are glad the home was constructed thoroughly and not quickly. It shows a huge difference that Horizon View takes time to build their homes, instead of rushing through like Journey Homes and Saint Aubyn. We did NOT use the loan company that Horizon View has incentives with. That company did not communicate with us in any way after the pre-qualification. So we went to Loan Simple, who we went through the first time we bought a home, and they WERE MUCH BETTER and communicating with us and was in constant contact with this buyer during the whole process. They made this very stressful process, a lot less stressful.

Would Change

More communication from the sales person about important dates, such as when the contingency was over. We got notice a few days before the contingency was over and this put A LOT of stress on us as home owners.