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Raindance, August 2019


Liked Most

Rhonda was great. She was our point of contact, and basically a punching bag, unfortunately. She never got mad at my many emails, and she took everything on the chin and got things passed along and communicated with the proper people.

Would Change

The construction progress was an absolute nightmare. The house sat untouched for 4-5 weeks because there was a revolving door of construction managers. For a company that builds homes, this was unacceptable in my opinion. We had over 50 items listed on our initial walk through. That seems like a lot. I felt like it got to a point where it was just a rush to get things done, and the guys didn't really care about the final product. It took 4 tries to fix a window framing and drywall issue in the house, that I noticed and mentioned to Kevin, who is no longer with the company. He said, "We'll put it on the punch list," or something along those lines. It wasn't fixed, and nobody else noticed it, even though it was blatantly obvious there was a big issue. Cabinets with noticeable damage was poorly repaired, and I wasn't going to let that slide. New cabinets were ordered for the damaged ones. These are all things that me as the buyer shouldn't have to worry about, especially when paying nearly $560k for a house. Get some guys that care about the product they build, have some integrity in the Horizon View name, and don't let shitty work by your subcontractors slide. That's what Journey homes does, and I didn't buy a Journey home. The entire process was a nightmare. We love our house, but I just didn't feel like the guys in charge of building it cared about the final product. A new house isn't going to be perfect, but it should be damn close. Giving me answer like, "It's within the allowable limit," when I ask about something that doesn't look right is total bullshit. There are things in my house that look like a 4-year did it, and they were ok with that. I'm sure if I built another home with Horizon View, the process could be very different, but I won't, and because of all the issues that we had, I will not recommend Horizon View to anyone without letting them know about my experiences. There are too many to list here.

The Trails @ Sheep Draw, August 2019


Liked Most

Tom is amazing. From the first time meeting him through closing and even now he has been an advocate for me as his customer. He is reliable, honest, and makes sure you know that your concerns/opinions are heard and valued. Being a first time home buyer and new to new construction it was Tom's help/followup/explanations that made me decide to stick with the contract despite some fairly major "oops" moments. He is a wonderful face of this company and in my opinion deserves recognition of the time, energy and care he puts into his work. I felt like I was building a house with a friend helping me instead of feeling like I was being treated as a number by a large corporation.

Would Change

Kitchen cabinets are narrow and shallow. Of the 9 large cabinets 3 have hookup lines installed at the base which means my use of that space is limited. While probably unavoidable for sink it seems a better solution/placement could have been found for fridge water and natural gas (in wall similar to washer/dryer hookups). With double oven (great option) it seems the usable cabinet space was decreased and perhaps a bit of creative planning might have helped. Same with kitchen drawers; I have a total of 4 and all are very narrow. With gas stove, double oven, and sink eliminating drawer space it makes for very few drawers/cabinets which is one of the most important aspects in a kitchen. Now that I'm moving in it has been a struggle to fit even basic things like plates (let alone appliances and such) because they're just a bit wider/deeper than the cabinets. I can't speak to whether or not additional options/ideas were offered to the couple originally under contract who made all the design decisions. Perhaps this was a conscious decision made by them in their design. I wasn't really aware of the kitchen space situation until everything was installed and the point at which I picked up the contract, making changes probably wasn't an option. The garage is very large but with the way the interior walls are shaped and the staircase is placed it's fairly difficult to park my truck in any of the 3 bays. That is disappointing to me because the garage appears (and is) very large but the layout is challenging. There's really only one bay I can park in and comfortably get out of the vehicle and close the garage door. Not really sure how this could be mitigated but it is a frustration.