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Kole's Landing, June 2019


Liked Most

I do love my walk-in closet and the outside of the house is very nice; looks like a quaint, well made home. The lawn is nice looking and the crew comes regularly to mow, edge and clean up-they always do a good job. Every person associated with Pahlisch as been very pleasant, helpful and professional. The community is quiet and feels very safe to me. My neighbors are nice and seem to like living out here.

Would Change

The bedroom carpets are very cheap. The plantings in the backyard seemed to have been tossed and planted where they landed. The main shrub in front is sickly and looks like it’s dying I have some kind of tubing/hoses in the backyard that appear to be water related and are mostly underground but in several places they are literally lying on top of the dirt. The screen doors on the 2 sliding glass doors are cheaply made. The patios are unattractive and the step down both are very steep. There is no window in my master bedroom! This is a great annoyance and doesn’t make sense. I’m mad at myself for not noticing it before buying the house. There is no linen closet, nor is there a coat closet. Disappointing. The builder could have included a simple shower rod in the guest bathroom, but didn’t. The kitchen drawers are too narrow, a standard utensil organizer does not fit. There should be some drawers in the kitchen that pull out, particularly where pots and pans are stored. Without this and or a lazy Susan device there is lost space. The toilet paper holders and towel holders in the bathrooms are cheap. They moved back and forth. Shouldn’t happen. The only shelves in the laundry area are so high up and back they are hard to get to. There should have been more. There should always be a window in the kitchen. Not so in my house. With all the HOA rules especially regarding disabled parked cars there was an abandoned car parked in place, RIGHT in front of the mailboxes for A MONTH before the Vancouver PD finally came and tagged it. A whole month right in front of the mailboxes and next to the model home! It sounds like I do not like my house. I am beginning to bond with it but it has been hard. As you can see there were a lot of disappointing factors about the house once I moved in. There should have been a soap dispenser in the kitchen already in place.

The Pointe at Rivers Edge, June 2019


Liked Most

The finish work and choice of materials

Would Change