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Unknown, July 2022


Review of Overall Experience

With the exception of the roofing installation the overall project was completed timely and with a reasonable level of quality.

Unknown, June 2022


Review of Overall Experience

You actually build speck homes not custom homes. We had issues from day 1 and still on going. I talked with many of the sub contractors that worked on our home. Many of them said this was their first job for Red Door. Many of the sub contractors seemed to have sub their work to other subs. Many subs showed up in personal vehicles, rushed their work and we had and have issues from it. We bought 6 fans for our home and the other light fixtures were picked out by Red Door. On open concept rooms how do you know what you bought would match what we bought?. Yes we paid less then what we would have had by using another local builder, but we also got a 300k speck home instead of a custom home. We had issues from day one with Red Door. The sales rep seemed to have washed his hands with us as soon as we signed the paper work. Our Builder that was given to us was fired and we learned it from another home owner instead of Red Door. The new builder given to us was new to Red Door. He was actually the only thing good about the whole Red Door experience. We wish we paid more per square foot and went with another builder who has long relationships with their sub contractors. From day one, we made our Master Bathroom easy for you. We seen a master bath in one of your model homes and told you we want ours exactly like this one. Today we have lived in our home for a couple of weeks and still can’t use the master shower due to glass installed. We had so many issues with our bathroom from day one. Our refrigerator that was supposed to be installed was on recall. Red Door said they would refund us the cost and we could go get one on our own. Problem there is we don’t get Red Door pricing at Lowes. What was offered to us as a refund would only cover half the cost. Any other builder would have made sure we had a refrigerator in our home at time of move in. But not Red Door. We decided to wait for a refrigerator, until Red Door will be able to get one for us. So many more things I can mention. But overall we’re very dissatisfied with “Red Door Experience “.