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Jesperdale, November 2018


Liked Most

My home turned out beautifully ultimately because of three people: John, Troy and whomever in the office helped design my floor plan. I had a vision in my head and the person who worked with my plans did a great job of bringing it to life. I wanted to design aspects of my home to be very customized for my lifestyle and my drawings came back great. In all of my interactions with Troy, I always felt like he was looking out for my best interests as a customer and offered great insight and proposed changes which made my house better. His knowledge and experience is an asset to San Rufo. I'm grateful to John for allowing me to be very unconventional in the home build. Had it not been for John allowing me to do a completion mortgage while making payments on my down-payment, I never would have been able to build my house. Again, I am beyond grateful. I also want to recognize whomever was involved the day I took possession - someone at San Rufo "fought" for me when my bank dropped the ball and I am grateful. Thank you John, Troy (& Joe) and the folks in the office who have been great.

Would Change

San Rufo builds a beautiful home, there is no question there. Many of the finishes and levels of quality exceed anything any other builder I looked at provides, and I looked at A LOT of other builders...unfortunately, members of the sales team leave much to be desired. Several of the sales ladies were always pleasant to interact with. Unfortunately, the behaviors of others is what left a lasting impression. I was told various things that I feel were only said to get me to sign a purchase agreement and most of these things turned out to be lies after I began my build. Ashley is the root of this. Because of her, I would hesitate to recommend San Rufo to anyone else looking to build a new home despite being happy with my home in all other aspects. I caught her in several lies (I have the emails to support), was faced with aggressive sales tactics reminiscent of a used car salesman and experienced various instances where her professionalism was questionable at best. I spoke with John directly about one instance of Ashley's professionalism and Ashley's behavior worsened after that. Near the beginning of my build, I had asked for signed copies of all of my change orders and purchase items so I could keep track of the cost of the build. Ashley was rude and condescending in her response telling me that I would get copies of everything in time and clients didn't get signed copies until later in the process. I explained that I needed to know exactly what pricing was going into my build so I didn't overspend. I eventually got what I thought were most of these financial pieces. In the end, I have never officially received all of the copies (except when my lawyer provided them hours before my possession). Sadly, without having all of these copies, I was out the "Front Archs" charge of $7500 in my calculations. My original CO#1 had the front archs listed at $6500, I've spoken with others who have built on my block with San Rufo and they were only charged $5500. I feel overcharged. I was also mis-credited by Ashley on my soaker tub "removal". I have the emails between the office and Ashley saying I would not be credited for the removal of my soaker tub, plumbing, tile work, labour etc because of my vaulted ceiling (which Ashley also told me was free/included) but also further email with John stating I was to receive the credit for the tub and various other items. I received a small credit for only a bathtub. No credit was given for the plumbing (yet I had to pay over $300 to have plumbing run to my rainfall shower head; this should have been a relocation of the plumbing/framing from the tub to the ceiling of the shower if anything just as other items like double/single doors were moved around the house) and no labour was taken into account for the soaker tub never having to be installed. In designing my shower, I had specifically requested a shower styled and quoted to the design of the shower in the Kenton showhome. I was quoted this shower complete with tiled ceiling, dual lights and rainfall shower head. This appeared on CO#1 or #2. Weeks later, Ashley told me that, as a good gesture, San Rufo would tile the ceiling of my shower at no additional cost because this normally wasn't included and I should be happy because this wasn't normally done and it should offset the money I feel I didn't receive for my soaker tub. The day I got that email from Ashley, I stopped at the Kenton showhome to verify that the ceiling was tiled (I took pictures and still have the email.) Essentially, actions like this by Ashley cost me more money in my build and her lies left me questioning her credibility as well as that of others at San Rufo. From a customer perspective, Ashley is a liability to the reputation and future of San Rufo as a reliable home builder. I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with John and give him more insight, complete with documentation, on how a customer experiences one of his company's builds only to give him the transparency he deserves as the owner of the company.

Riverside, November 2018


Liked Most

The professional and friendly service and buying process. Corinna provided amazing support and service. Overall San Rufo was outstanding!!!

Would Change

Can’t think of anything because it was perfect!!