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Greenbury, December 2019


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The service provided by Ashley and Yasmine

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Riverside, November 2019


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San rufo went above and beyond the call of duty to get us into our new home. We will forever be grateful for the San rufo team, and John for making it possible. We learned a very valuable lesson about why selling a home to someone site unseen is not a great idea and is very stressful. Overall we are very happy with how everything turned out and the beyond generous deal we got from San rufo San rufo, and John, did more than expected to make sure we could move into our home when we did. We really enjoyed working with our sales rep Mandie and whenever we would go in to sign papers or go over things we felt like we were visiting with a friend and not like we were just customers making a purchase. She was always available if we had any questions and she even made us feel like we could contact if needed after she left. My children loved her and always wanted to go visit her. Based on our experience we feel that San rufo does a great job picking their sales staff. When we moved in we had some leaking and San rufo was incredibly quick when it came to having it dealt with. It helps to know that if any issues arise in the future San rufo will do whatever is needed to correct it and they will make sure it's done fast and that we are happy. We have recommended San rufo to many people and will continue to. Over all it has been a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Would Change

After out pre Lim walk through it seems like all updates stopped. We were not notified that the driveway was going to be poured an hour after we took possession because no one told us. Had we known before hand we would have come to do the walk through and just moved in the next day. We had to pay an extra day of u haul fee's because no one called to let us know that we wouldn't be able to move our stuff in the house on possession day. We are very happy that we got our driveway and didn't have to wait for that ( the weather sucked this year obviously so that couldn't have been helped) the only thing we would have changed is someone letting us know before we showed up to park the u haul truck that it was happening that day. Whether it be a representative from San rufo or the company who poured the driveway it would have been nice to have a heads up. We also didn't get a heads up that they were going to seal the driveway. We were told San rufo wouldn't be sealing the driveway as of the date of possession but then apparently that changed and was implemented after that but we were not informed. Had we been informed we would have cleared the driveway and cleaned the driveway so there was no dirt. After someone had come to clean the driveway, while I was out of the house, to seal it without our knowledge I had to walk all over It with 3 kids and groceries and get it dirty again. I felt bad that someone came and cleaned it and I had to make it dirty again right after just so I could get back in my house. Again we are happy that San rufo sealed the driveway for us it just would have been nice to know about it. Someone had to come back and reseal the driveway anyway because dirt was sealed into, because I had to walk on it after someone took the time to clean it.