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Prairie Oaks, August 2020


Liked Most

The home is beautiful and crafted well despite some minor concerns with the ventilation and electrical. The service was satisfactory and left much to be desired for a company that has been in business for so long.

Would Change

It is expected that Sandlin would adhere to all of the incentive items in the contract--some incentives have not been provided and we were told that we agreed to take them off the list when we did not--we had to provide a copy of the contract to show otherwise; I would appreciate Sandlin making better of use of time before we moved in--2nd walk through included items already addressed in first walk through and the 2nd walk through was on our move-in day (we prefer people to not be in and out of home during a pandemic when they could have completed items before move in); we were told to register appliances immediately however no purchase details were provided by Sandlin so that we can do so; a great amount of information could have been prsovided to us from Sandlin up front in an organized way so that we did not have to keep reaching out for info that was going to be asked of us (e.g. appliance details, utilities, etc.); Some walk through items are still undone and not corrected (the refrigerator had a huge gash and was then replaced with a refrigerator with a dent--we have yet to get a new door for that refrigerator); The dishwasher does not completely dry the dishes and days later they are still wet.; Some of the air/heating returns do not blow out air so some rooms are very warm; The washer and dryer set the breaker switch every few days, which makes washing a bigger chore then it should be; The cutting board we received as a gift was a beautiful gesture, however, it had the wrong address on it.

Live Oak Creek, August 2020


Liked Most

Unfortunately, nothing. This was the worse experience someone who is building their first house could ever have.

Would Change

Everything. The lender - Cardinal Financial had horrible customer service. This is when I should have cancelled the transaction. Mortgage Financial Services was nice. However, this was after the horrible service I received from Sandlin's preferred lender (Cardinal Lending). Sales person - Priscilla Butler, stopped returning my calls and emails. Project Manager - I had a change in project managers in the middle of the project. Gaspar is okay in person, but was not very helpful. I was not offered many options which is unfortunate because as a first time home builder, you are not aware of all the options. Warranty Manager


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