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[273] WestRidge, August 2020


Liked Most

The entire team, sales and construction, has exceeded my expectations. My home was built very well and I'm pleased with the outcome.

Would Change

I can't think of anything to change. I'm a first time home buyer/builder and the overall experience has been great. Good team at WestRidge.

[264] VITA, August 2020


Liked Most

The model home was beautiful, the sales folks were kind and responsive and did their best to go above and beyond for us with the authority they did have. Andrew was great on the construction side to communicate with us and walk us through things. Crushed on the timing of building the home, even through COVID, so hats off big time there. I think if you guys can be a little bit more flexible on options and design/creativity on making the place feel more homey and design friendly right when you move in, I think it will take you to a new level. You don't have to go full custom, but again more options and better designs of interior spaces will go a long way.

Would Change

I would change the design process so that you have more options to pick and choose and mix and match, especially if you go with the more or most expensive options, you should have access to the cheaper sections if you like something in those plans you want to incorporate. I would change how the process is communicated when discussing the solar panels, that process, the costs, the fees and the options available. I felt like this was completely glossed over and only through my own research did I find out what was really happening and not that they were installed (solar panels) and I didn't have to pay for them, etc. We are going to end up purchasing them but it would have been nice to know more and be educated when going through the process. That's a $12k decision that can be large so was really disappointed in how this happened. I wish again we had more options to customize auxiliary rooms like the powder room, laundry room or master bathroom with decorative tile that we like. The lack of options and even the options presented were not the best but I guess we had the wrong expectations going in of doing a custom home, which we weren't, so some of that is on us (sorry). I would change some of the light fixtures to get more creative and aesthetically pleasing. I would do more on the exterior of the home for the backyard and not place mounds of mulch everywhere. This was really disappointing and just screams cheapo big time and is not pretty to look at, cheap to upkeep and looks really bad. Having some rocks is just the way to go in Colorado and so much better for the small spaces we do have in the backyard. I would also not just do a cheap concrete pad in the backyard with no handrailing or steps down, etc. Majority of people that will be moving to this area in Central Park/Stapleton have kids so right off the bad we are scrambling to come up with a contractor to build out the backyard so that kids (or even adults) don't just fall right off the concrete pad. I get the cost nature of it and coming in right below code, but this again is just lazy and not good business in my opinion. We are paying several thousands of dollars to redesign the backyard and add more to this blank concrete pad. Having solid core doors in the interior of the home, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms would have been a nice addition and something that is a high quality touch to the home. I would also look at addition upgrades to the garage for the epoxy so that you can take care of the garage better. Also, in general, the Plan 5 was not the best plan at all and I think missed a lot of key features.