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Ridgegate, March 2017


Liked Most

Honestly Chris and Donna saved this whole experience for us. They seem to actually care about us and were very empathetic about our concerns and extreme delays. They are also extremely responsive and honest which was very refreshing given the previous teams. If it was not for them, we would have never closed.

Would Change

We picked a local builder to have a better customer experience and in hopes of overall higher quality. We also prefer to support local businesses. However, based on the extreme delays, poor upper management and lack of attention to detail, we did not receive a better overall experience or product. Our first home we built with a large national builder and only had a few punch list items and significantly less visible issues. Consistent construction, office, and project management teams would also be helpful for the project. The first teams in all instances really dropped the ball and caused some serious heart ache in this whole process. We would go months without communication and were continually given incorrect and inconsistent information. The new construction and office teams are GREAT and are why there are positive scores included in our survey. Without them, it would be much lower overall ratings. After going through this process even with significant delays, we were hopeful that the finished product would be top notch especially given the cost and "materials" used but its obvious that some items were rushed and that there were gaps in how things were done (inconsistencies).

NT Hyland SF LLC, March 2017


Liked Most

The people - simply the people from Thrive that we have on site are great - Elaine, Becca, Drew and Mike - all fantastic, I wish they were here the whole time. Also Jessica was great - it was too bad she moved on. The duds are you are aware of - Dale and Todd.

Would Change

The people at Thrive have been great, everyone we worked with was very diligent in making sure that we had a good experience. Unfortunately everyone that was a part of the team on the day we signed the contract was no longer on location at the time of closing from sales people to construction managers, that created issues in communication and delivery of the home. It is clear to me that Thrive has a great product and hires fantastic people, I also am very aware of the skilled labor shortage in our market, that being said some of the finishes trim, paint, drywall fell shot of our expectations. The walk through is tricky because it is close to the closing, and there are a lot of items that are not seen until living in the house. Also after the house was completed we learned of a number of upgrades that were never offered to us in the buying process - this is outside of the design center - items like a gas line to fire pit, finished garage, stack-able laundry, etc. Items we would have certainly done but never knew it was an option.