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(352/353) Hyland Village, October 2018


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The Thrive sales team, Gina and Kassidy were fantastic throughout the buying process. Gina was always very personable and we felt like she was truly invested in our decision to make the investment. She was happy when we were happy, she was disappointed when we were disappointed. Although new in his role at Thrive, Dustin listened to our concerns and did his best to address issues; many were out of his control and he was stretched very thin. We believe he genuinely cares and is good at what he does. The home and location are incredible and we are confident that we made the right decision, though the process was extremely painful and/is challenging. Once involved, the corporate executive team has been conscious of opportunities that have arisen during the process. They are working to resolve issues, albeit 8 weeks (and counting) after closing. Dave Kendall has taken over and been attentive to our concerns and needs on getting our house into respectable condition. He understands AND listened to our concerns and is trying to make all the wrongs as close to right as possible. He has been a pleasure to work with and speak with. I wish he were involved from the beginning as it is becoming apparent that he does not cut corners and cares about Thrives product and image. We are very excited about the energy saving features of our home and look forward to seeing these cost savings over time. Overall, the home is beautiful.

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The home buying process is a difficult one and when a family choses to build a home we understand that it can be even more stressful. We are knowledgeable homeowners and we chose Hyland Village and Thrive for a reason. The last year our family was faced with an incredible amount of personal challenges and the building process of our new home was mentally taxing, immensely stressful and unbearingly ridiculous at times. We can now say that we are confident that we made the right investment, but the process to get here was highly unpleasant. This home is a huge investment for our family and the cost of the home, while in our budget is an adventure and one we don’t take lightly. We understand the home building market in Colorado is wild with vendors in short supply, though we expect exceptional treatment from the building company. This includes honest and respectful communication, positive demeanor, and realistic timelines and expectations. The communication from our assigned Thrive construction team was lacking in consistency, clear detail and deadlines and was sometimes non-existent. We would have appreciated realistic timelines and honest communication about opportunities that were presented during construction. Instead, we were blown off to believe we were unknowledgeable and unreasonable. For almost a month and a half our home sat vacant with little to no work being done due to multiple electrical vandalism instances. Despite our efforts to gain clarification on the impact that this had on the overall construction timeline and our obvious disappointment we were told this is a common instance and that we shouldn’t be worried. Around the same time water sat in our basement at framing for almost 6 weeks without being cleaned up. The water will ‘evaporate’ and dry we were told and damaged framing would be replaced. The damaged framing in the affected basement area was replaced due to our bringing to attention – after drywall was installed. During a walkthrough after electrical had been fixed, we identified that the electricians had missed wiring for two sets of can lights in the basement that we paid for. Unfortunately, the HVAC had already been run and we were unable to choose the best locations for one of the canned light packages and ultimately had to settle for the locations based on the duct work that was unable to be moved. The master bathtub was damaged right after installation and we spoke up and requested a replacement, though were told that it would be patched and repaired at a later date. After drywall, texture, paint, trim and doors it was determined the tub would be replaced. After move in, we discovered that the “new” tub was also damaged and patched without informing us of the unfortunate occurrence. These are a few examples during the construction of the home that illustrate the disappointment we feel and our assumption that our home was/is not a priority…we were/are just a number. We don’t feel that our concerns, which were valid, were ever considered real concerns. Right around the time our home was vandalized, Seth reached out to Gene as he has a working relationship with the company. We feel that had Seth not communicated our disappointment with the executive staff, prompt attention wouldn’t have been paid to our home. It was only then that staff began to listen to what we had to say though efficiency and priority did not change. Once we were given an official closing date, we were soon told that our home would be delayed and we would not be moving as originally planned. This forced us to extend our lease and storage units by an additional month, costing us nearly $4,500. We were informed that this delay would give the Thrive team ‘sacred time’ to fix any last minute items, give Thrive customer service time to scour the home for issues, clean the home and have it ready for move-in. During these sacred two weeks nothing in the home was addressed. We had the tile vendor in our home the hour after we closed installing back splash in the kitchen and basement. Our first moments as a family in our new home were shared with a stranger…not at all ideal and quite frankly unacceptable. Now, eight weeks later and counting our punch list has yet to be completed. We are enlightened by the lack of quality of workmanship and attention to detail in our home. At move in, door hardware was mismatched throughout the home, our front yard irrigation was not connected leaving plants to die, garage door panel was non-functional, gutter was replaced and not painted, poor trim work in the home as well as paint concerns throughout the entire home. Not only are we disappointed by the amount of items that were left incomplete; we moved into a filthy home that we were left to clean as we moved in. We have had to arrange our schedules to accommodate work to be done, at times without anyone showing up. We have had to clean up after each vendor leaves for the day. Most work conducted is simply patching or covering-up flaws – the quality of craftsmanship does not match the price we paid for the home. We appreciate the efforts and candid approach by David Kendall and Dustin Oedewaldt to fix the mess of our house. We are angry and frustrated that we have had to postpone enjoying our new home due to the fact that our home was incomplete and unfinished when we signed our mortgage agreement. We have had a ridiculous amount of vendor foot traffic in our home in the past two months leaving us feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. Our confidence that our home will not incur any additional issues past the one-year warranty is all but gone.

(272) Solaris III, October 2018


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It would be useful if garage was deeper than 20'