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Prospect Beeler Park, December 2018


Liked Most

Appreciate the quality construction. Exterior and interior plans and aesthetics are solid. Like the high ceilings and the attempt to get as much light into the units as possible. Love the energy efficient features. Great to have warranty support.

Would Change

1) I would love to see the lead sales rep be more focused on the buyer's satisfaction. Most of the time, it felt like she was out to protect the builder at the buyer's expense...another neighbor has shared similar feedback about working with her. I respect the need to be in compliance with what Wonderland needs in order to get a home built, and it would also be nice to see her advocate for the buyer's needs and to try to solve problems more pro-actively instead of making challenges the buyer's problem. An example: High pressure and being repeatedly told I may not be able to get any options/upgrades because things were falling behind schedule and selections were needed "ASAP." As the buyer, I didn't set the timeline, and was not given any dates, only "ASAP," which is not helpful. It was very difficult to get a timely appointment with Saddleback, so that further delayed selection of options. (Saddleback sales rep also shared that she didn't appreciate the pressure.) I was often told, "I need xyz decision today," but if I asked for information, it took days or a week for a reply (e.g. I was asked to make decisions, but wasn't been given an options list until weeks later). Another example: The construction team had a tough time installing some of the design selections, and I was told that the selections shouldn't have been allowed and if they continued to have installation issues, I'd have to pay for it. It's not my job as the buyer to know what design selections will work, and definitely not right to be told I'd have to pay more if they couldn't be installed properly. I had to really push back to stand my ground...this made the experience very stressful and greatly eroded my trust. 2) Financing through your preferred lender was a circus. Because I was under contract during the period when Wonderland dropped Arcadia and moved to Cornerstone, all paperwork had to be re-submitted. While the Cornerstone team was helpful, it took them a long time to get the loan approved, and we were literally down to the wire, days before closing, before it was finalized. Again, very stressful. 3) About the home itself: I wish the back patio and garage space had been better thought out to find a way to create a usable outdoor space. (Prospect Silverton) 4) I wish the basement was clean on handover to buyer--I'm assuming it's not standard procedure to clean up unfinished basements. The floors were caked with mud and it took us three days to hand-scrape floors, shop vac the floors and walls and wash everything because the dust was terrible and we were coughing/sneezing all the time.

Prospect Beeler Park, December 2018


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