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The Lakes at Centerra, February 2018


Liked Most

Home: The homes layout and flow is what we fell in love with. We love the high ceilings, light and outdoor space. Love that you have dog wash options as we are crazy about our four-legged kids. Service: Meeting Kerri, Wes and Joe they are truly amazing and made the process 100% better. We've built two homes before with other builders and never had the service and support like we did from Kerri, Wes and Joe as they went above and beyond for us. We feel that our experience with Wonderland was more like working with a custom or semi-custom builder as we were able to add input in our home building process. They were crucial to getting our house completed and they did a wonderful job of explaining everything to us throughout the process.

Would Change

As for the home I believe it's a complaint that many buyers and potential buyers have about the product and that is a lack of storage, such as linen closets for things such as sheets, towels and home cleaning supplies. I'd also say consistency as the only example we had to go from as to what we purchased was the model home which we were told well we've made changes since building the model, however those changes should of been communicated to us at the time of purchase. Also being clear as to the standards and upgrades as many of the upgrades have never been purchased or seen so wasn't clear as to what those upgrades are actually. We ran into this with the Shower Door we upgraded to for our Master Bathroom as we were told the euro frameless door was no longer available but the semi-frameless door was almost identical with just a small metal piece at the top which ended up not being the case. These upgrade options for the cost of the home and other upgrades and standards was not inline with the quality of the product as other builders in the neighborhoods standard shower door is much nicer then the standard or upgrade for this home. Small details like that seem to be overlooked a bit in the design and finishes of the product. Service: I would say the biggest complaint we have with dealing with the process of building a home with Wonderland is the dealings with the Group Representatives mostly Josh Strugis. We feel they've caused most of the confusion and miscommunication throughout the process such that we just stopped dealing with them and would work directly with Kerri, Wes or Joe from Wonderland. We had originally spoken to Coy from the Group and put a hold down on the lot to reserve. We continued to visit the model and met Kerri who was great to work with and super knowledgeable and helped to explain things to us as well as answer all our questions. Then a few weeks past and we went in to find Coy was no longer working with Wonderland and we needed to call Josh if we wanted to proceed. A bit confused as to all the changes and having to do the leg work ourselves to ensure we still had the reserve on the lot, we scheduled a time with Josh to sign a contract. Once we got to the model office for our appointment we were met by Josh who from the beginning made us feel as if he didn't want to sell a house to us. During this meeting virtually everything we had been told in regards to the process and the funds that we'd have to provide up front had all changed. We explained all the differences to Josh who kept telling us it was Coy's fault and he didn't know anything and sold us a bunch of lies. A bit discouraged and disheartened we explained to Josh we did not want to lose this house however he was explaining that we needed to come up with probably around $100-$125K upfront if we wanted to proceed. We explained to him that just was not possible and other builders in the area were only requiring a $10K deposit and 10% of the selections of the design and low voltage options which is what we were told as well was the process with Wonderland Homes. We pleaded with him that we were real buyers and wanted this house but we could not do $100k up front. We asked if he would talk with Wonderland to see if they could make concessions to meet what we had expected to do to go under contract with them on this house. We ended up leaving from that meeting with no signed contract and so confused by what Josh had told us as well as how we were treated. A few days later we received an email from Josh that Wonderland would accept a contract with us based on those conditions. We asked Josh if we needed to schedule another meeting and bring our realtor out to get this contract signed, which he said it wasn't needed he would just email it to us. So we reviewed everything with our realtor and signed the contract and brought our check to Kerri. After that we really never heard from Josh and all our questions and concerns were addressed by Wonderlands team (Kerri, Wes and Joe). Since we live in the area and we were super excited about our new home we would visit the model quite often to measure or take pictures and during the week to visit Kerri and get updates on our house. On the weekends however we would always be met with a different Group representative which we would witness them tell potential buyers misinformation about the product and availability. Concerned we would try and talk with the representative as well as the potential buyer to explain the details we knew about from our experience and knowledge not wanting to see a good potential neighbor or buyer leave due to there experience. We also experienced that when the Group representatives would work the model Friday-Sunday they would open late and close early or not even open some days. This just continued our poor impression of the Group Representatives not understanding there value to the process. After a bad first impression with Josh it didn't seem to get any better as other times we'd be at the model and he was there he would be really negative about the potential buyers and homeowners and speaking poorly of them which made us feel like what is he saying about us. At this point we decided to not have any dealings with the Group asking for them to not be in attendance for walk through and such if at all possible. At our closing Matt from the Group showed up to the title company to give us our keys and pick up there check. It's our impression from our experience that they do not offer any value to the project or process as it's evident they are not trained on the product standards, upgrades or Wonderlands process. They act as an extension of Wonderland and it's a impression that in our opinion you do not want representing your communities.

Portrait, February 2018


Liked Most

Design is cute and love the neighborhood, courtyard.

Would Change

The sales person was nice but upon first meeting it was a weird exchange, she suggested Condo's down the road and said she was just covering for someone. Felt judged as though she perceived I couldn't afford the home? - I have a lot of issues with the home and as a single mom and full time employee I have not had the luxury of sitting down and creating a list. If someone could just get in touch with me that would be great. (We have 100's of long very dangerous nails projecting into our garage and the electricity is random (lights turn off on, or won't turn off and oven has turned on once by itself) - etc.