The Trade Shortage Dilemma

In this installment of Avid Today, we focus on the trade shortage dilemma facing the entire industry. Rather than bemoan a difficult reality, we are sharing innovative and inspirational stories to show how homebuilding can become more efficient without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.
First we hear from Mark Hodges, who oversaw one of the most ambitious projects in our industry, building an entire production home in just 6 days!!! We were very fortunate to observe this project and are grateful to have Mark himself sharing the story… enjoy.
We also have a video of one of the first bricklaying robots developed for the homebuilding industry. This is without question a glimpse into our future and frankly, these advancements are happening much faster than most of us realize. This video is a must see.

See SAM in action:

Interview with Scott Peters, President & Co-Fonuder, Construction Robotics:

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