Use Question Ranks and see the Deep Dive Difference

One of the benefits of your Avid surveys is the deep dive into the customer experience. By using Question Ranks, you can see each individual question and category on your survey. Question Ranks gives you the ability to quickly see where you compare to the industry and dig deeper into each area. Here’s how:
1. Once you are logged in, go directly to the reports Menu, scroll through the drop down and select Question Ranks.
Question Ranks
2. Once you are on the Question Ranks page, choose your Survey Study, appropriate Industry from the drop-down menus in the top left of the page. Also, select ‘Standard Question Order’ from the Display Order drop-down menu.
Questions Ranks
3. Navigate over to the Closing Interval on the top right of the page. To accurately track results, you should select at least 6-12 closing months of data to garner enough collected data. Click on Update Report.
4. Your report will now be displayed, grouped by all major categories and the questions contained within each category.
Questions Ranks
5. Take this one step further and export to Excel or CSV to further analyze or distribute to your team.

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