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IBS Presentations

Tying Home Buyers’ Warranty Satisfaction to Customer Experience Data to Improve the Quality of the Housing Industry

Featuring: Paul Cardis of Avid Ratings and Bill Flack of 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Learn about the new Avid – 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Survey Program that will dial in your customer satisfaction like never before and save you money. Avid Ratings and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty have partnered up to create the most affordable and comprehensive customer survey program to make it simple and easy for builders to stay on top of quality. In this presentation, Paul Cardis and Bill Flack will detail the program and how it enables builders to save money, reduce risk, and empower builders to delight customers.

Earning 5 Stars the Right Way:

How to Stay Within Federal Laws, U.S. Guidelines and Canadian Guidelines for Customer Reviews

Featuring: Paul Cardis and Tim Bailey of Avid Ratings

Online reviews have taken over the buying experience, and businesses are under increased pressure to present positive reviews to increase sales. This situation has led some companies and consumers to engage in practices that deceptively create improved star ratings for businesses that haven’t earned them. What’s happening in this new frontier of the internet, and how can builders be protected?

Harnessing Digital Selling Tools for Builders

Featuring: Paul Cardis of Avid Ratings and Kevin Oakley of Do You Convert

Check out our second release in the presentation series, Harnessing Digital Selling Tools for Builders. With 92% of buyers starting their home search process on the internet, it’s critical that builders present their homes in an engaging and appealing way, online and on-site, from the start. Get an overview of the hottest digital selling tools on the market, including VR, Matterport 3D, AR, webrooming, drone footage, and more. Builders will learn why these tools are a necessary part of the selling process in today’s hyper-connected world and how they can put them to most effective use.

Beyond Satisfaction: The Secret to Building Customer Loyalty

Featuring: Paul Cardis of Avid Ratings and Jason Forrest of Forrest Performance Group

The secret to creating long-lasting customer loyalty is company-wide investment in customer service, company culture, and employee training and development. Because customers are more interested in authenticity than perfection, it’s critical to understand the core meaning of true service and how to lead the sales process in a way that gives reassurance and certainty to buyers and creates raving loyal customers.