10th Annual Avid Service Awards Honours Top Homebuilder Employees In Canada

1.6 min readPublished On: April 24, 2023
TORONTO (April 24, 2023) –  Avid Ratings proudly announces the 10th Annual Avid Service Awards, recognizing the top homebuilding professionals in the United States and Canada. The Avid Service Awards were created to honour employees who received exemplary customer satisfaction scores amongst the thousands of employees rated in the AvidCX survey program. The Avid Service Award is widely considered to be a premier award for homebuilding professionals.

The winners of the 10th Annual Avid Service Award are selected according to customer satisfaction scores directly tied to performance on the AvidCX survey, provided they had a representative sample of more than 12 completed surveys over a 12-month period. The results were based on surveys taken by customers who closed on new homes between January 2022 and December 2022. Employees selected have scored in the top 5% of Avid’s national customer satisfaction database for their respective roles. 

“It is a privilege to recognize this year’s top-performing individuals in the building industry with our Service Awards,” said Tim Bailey, Chief Strategy Officer, Avid Ratings. “We recognize the skills and experience required to provide customer experiences throughout the buyer journey that garner customer loyalty.”

Winners will have access to a press kit that will include the official Avid Service Award badge that employees may display in their email signature and on their letterhead. 

For a list of winners and more information about the Avid Service Awards, please visit https://www.avidratings.com/avid-service-awards/.

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Kyle Faino
Head of Marketing