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Jersey City, June 2020


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I am extremely dissatisfied or not happy with 2-10 HBW since the Heating issues in January 2020, and not with the Central Air Conditioner issue NOT RESOLVED since 1st June 2020 (almost a month)

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My house was brand new directly purchased from the builder in 2009. Since the day of purchase, this house was under 2-10 HBW (both 15 year structural and Homeowners warranty). No one has done any repairs this house other than 2-10 HBW. I was always a happy customer paid thousands of dollars initially without reporting any issues. My Central Heater started giving issues in January-2020, took a very long time 2 months to repair / replace (I was asked to pay my share of US$ 1,100 for the replacement, that is fine with me no issues). My Central Air Conditioner did not work when I switched on in end may-2020. I reported the issue on 1st June 2020, this problems are not fixed yet, it;s 32C today in New Jersey, I am without Air Conditioner. The contractor who came here, says the company which fixed my heating in January 2020, have connected the wires going upto to the thermostat, as a result when you switch on the AC from thermostat, there is no power going to the cooling unit / fan in the backyard. when he removed the cooling unit cover and manually switch on it works. So its evident the company which fixed my heater did not connect the wires properly. My mail to Michael at 2-10 HBW, who is assigned to resolve my issue: Hello Michael, Piper Heating HVAC engineer came yesterday, the Air Conditioner repair was not completed, his finding after diagnosing the issues as follows; The Thermostat in the house is not getting the power when you switch on the AC in the thermostat, hence the Goodman Cooling Unit outside of the house, does not start when you switch on the AC, but IT WORKS FINE FOR HEATING. The complete Heating unit was replaced in January 2020 (This year), as recommended by 2-10 Home Buyer's Warranty, as part of the Service Agreement. I paid US$ 1,100 as part of my contributions towards this replacement. This was done by BREEZIN HVAC, heater worked fine thereafter, but Air conditioner was never turned on till 30th May 2020. Piper Heating says, previous contractor (BREEZIN HVAC) have not connected the wires pertained to Air conditioner when they installed the Heating Unit, showed me the wires are spliced in many places, probably the AC connection going up to the thermostat is not receiving the power to start the Air Conditioner when switched on from thermostat. Piper Heating also showed me, when you on the Colling Unit outside via manual turn-on with a switch in the unit, the fan in the cooling unit works, also wires connecting to the unit coming from thermostat, records Zero Voltage (no power) in the Multi-Meter. I have attached the Piper Hating diagnostic report. It says "checked the unit, found bad thermostat wiring changed by previous contractor installation” I would suggest / strongly recommend you assign BREEZIN HVAC (contact no 718 761 2700) or other 2-10 HBW preferred company to rectify / fix this issue. Thanks in advance and best regards, Fabion Fernandez (Mobile - 551-358-1721)

Greensboro, June 2020


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Educate your front line staff about the issues your company is experiencing in the current environment. Our AC unit is not working because a part has to be ordered. No one and I mean NO ONE can give me an update regarding when or if this part will be sent to our AC service company. It has been almost 2 weeks and I cannot get an answer. Your company is so siloed that that left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. We just spent $900 renewing our service agreement for another year. What a mistake. As an example, I spoke with a Manager last Thursday 6/25 by name of Kendall Rhodes. He promised me that he would look into my issue and call me the next day. He never did. I called him 3 times on 6/26. I left him voice messages. He never returned any of my calls. I have to start the process of calling 2-10 all over again on Monday 6/29. Waiting on hold, talking with people who can't give me answers, managers who don't return phone calls, and sitting in my house in North Carolina without air conditioning. All I want is for someone to give me an honest answer as to when my problem will addressed and how. If you can't do that, tell me and refund me the $900 for this LACK of SERVICE PROTECTION PLAN. Please treat me like a customer instead of a burden.