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Charlesworth, October 2017


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Our Sales Person Brian Tate was excellent to deal with. When we first encountered him at a show home, he spent time to explain the new home buying process to us. This is something that no other company had spent the time to do. We realized at the time we were not ready to purchase a new home. Once we had everything in order, we ensured we found Brian to purchase our home with him. His service continued to impress us throughout the entire home buying process. I have extensive knowledge of construction, and we found the superintendent, Denny, to be an excellent site superintendent. His knowledge and proactive work during the build allowed for a timely turn over as well as a great finished product. As we would drive through the neighborhood quite often, it was nice to see Denny was always in the area as well as knew what was going on in our specific house at any given time.

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Mclaughlin, October 2017


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Overall nice home, people I delt with personally were awesome.

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Offered items were not included because they magically weren't listed in the mountain of paper work and I unfortunately missed that which I understand is still my fault but for the builder to remove offers is sad, that and the fact that the bedrock had literally zero room to negotiate anything the counter offers I received back were on the edge of insulting. Also there were many minor issues that should have been noticed and addressed well before I ever did my final walk threw. To do a walk threw with obvious paint flaws, pant on the new hardwood floors, trim and door handles cover in paint in my mind is unexceptable, I understand it was mostly corrected before I took possession but the quality control obviously was barely paying attention when they walked threw that home.