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Plantations, January 2023


Review of Overall Experience

Unfortunately, we had a couple situations that caused us to lose faith in Brennan Homes and their commitment to their customers. The example that I will give is as follows: During a requested visit to the home, I toured the facility and found a hole in the subfloor of the Bonus Room. It was noted and I was told that the hole would be fixed. At a subsequent visit, I found that the hole in the floor had some rubberized putty placed over the hole. It felt that it was an unacceptable fix. I made this aware to Brennan homes and requested that the hole be fixed properly and that I receive pictures of the repairs to make sure that it was fixed correctly. Later we received the weekly picture uploads of the progress and noticed the hole in the picture had not changed and that carpet padding was ready for install. I asked if the floor would be fixed before the carpet was installed and received a message that how it was fixed was appropriate due to the issue not a 'structural' issue. That seemed to me to be a lazy answer to forego the work. That one instance has us lose all confidence in Brennan having the customer's back. We had the fix performed by a 3rd party company the day after we moved in. This was later followed by our sidewalks being poured in suboptimal conditions just to get it done. 9 pads have cracks in them within 2 weeks of them being poured. I was also told that this was not a 'structural' problem. I was approached by a neighbor who has experience in concrete after moving in and they said it was not appropriate, then I hired a masonry company to give a 2nd opinion and they too said that the cracks in the 9 pads would lead to earlier replacement needed and should not have been accepted by the masonry company or the builder as acceptable. If Brennan were to buy a new car and it were to have dents/holes or cracks in glass, would they accept that as a brand new car without having the dealership fix the issues? I think not. The car is still functional, it can drive, pass inspection so why would those be an issue. It is on principal that these things should have been fixed without my intervention, let alone after I questioned them.

Sunrise Acres, January 2023


Review of Overall Experience

The entire process was very smooth from beginning to end. We really liked having access to the builder trend portal, it was nice getting picture updates every week and being able to view the building schedule.