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Venango Trails, June 2019


Liked Most

Brennan took efforts to accommodate our customization of the floor plan. They did good planning for the diagonal setting of our tiles and the result was great.

Would Change

Our neighbor who did not customize their house that much liked Brennan's service, and that was why we went with Brennan. However, we had a lot of customization and sadly a lot of things went wrong. We did not visit the house for a couple months, and when we found things went wrong, some items were already hard to fix and we had quite a few unpleasant communications with Brennan. Thereafter we tried to visit our house each week, which was regarded as "too often and unnecessary" by Brennan. The contact Brennan assigned us was new to her job, and did not know many of the technical aspects yet. To compensate for that, my husband started to compile a list of issues of concern after each house visit so that Brennan could follow through and get things fixed. It was not appreciated. One thing Brennan repeated told us was that we should just trust them and let them do their job. We wanted to trust them, but the materials were ordered wrong, the windows were not installed at the same height, we were given wrong answers to our technical questions, things were not fixed when we were told they had been fixed. We were not happy with the grading of our side yard, which Brennan believed has met the "specs". The way Brennan handled our emails made me feel that they could only give that much to each house. I want Brennan to be a profitable, successful business and understand that they have limited time and resources for each client. I just feel they did not plan the jobs well enough, which in the end resulted in wasted time, labor and materials.

Hunt Club, May 2019


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Home-quality, design Service by Brennan Homes-professional, dedicated to providing an exceptional experience every step of the way

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