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Duffy Highlands, December 2019


Liked Most

Karen, Tommy and Duffy. Garage door opener is so quiet. Need a light switch in the garage for overhead lights. You pull in and the switch is in the laundry room. It should be in both places. Grass and snow removal. Hopeful for pool.

Would Change

Brennan cannot say we are sorry that happened. Sorry or empathy is not in their vocabulary. Do the right thing. Do not give tons of free gifts, they are nice, but give a free outlet etc. More visits to the house during the building process. Do not make me use your banks for financing. If damage occurs due to poor workmanship fix it. Insulation in the garage should not be extra! A front door with glass in it should not be extra. When something was a shortcut do not say it is industry practice when it is not. Home is cold. Put concrete driveways in. In the 400K range and only 30 feet of driveway wake it work. Dishwasher is bottom of the barrel. Stop using particle board MDF cabinets. You should not pay extra for this. Don’t charge extra for a disposal button on the counter. Doorways should be wider for bedrooms and stairways. Have a door on the laundry room. Too noisy can’t hear tv. Offer more than one outlet in the garage. At a minimum one per wall. Back patio is a joke that it is to small. Garage is so small average cars have no room with disposal garbage cans inside. Garage should be a foot wider and 2 feet deeper. Having to pay for trim as an extra around windows is laughable. Need more outlets. Insulate storage room under the bedrooms. Don’t charge more for gas stove, offer either or. You are running line such a small distance. Should not have to buy gas stove from Brennan. Don’t charge more for a gas hot water tank. They tell you it is $800 more than the included standard electric because they have to run a gas line for the tank and vent it. The gas line is inches from the gas furnace. Simple to vent as it is on an outside wall. Stop by my house I will be happy to show you some questionable things. It is not that it is a bad house. Just the follow up, nothing is there fault. Meets specs!

Hunt Club, December 2019


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