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BRIO, April 2022


Review of Overall Experience

We love the Brio community, the location, and our floor plan. The sales consultants were all terrific. Steve went above and beyond to help. He did a great job of reporting the progress each week during construction, but he was unable to give us much of a schedule since he couldn't get one from the construction supervisor. Steve's efforts bumped this review up to two stars, otherwise we would struggle to give Cole West one star. The overall building experience was poor, and the finished product isn't "new" by any standards. Here are the reasons for the poor rating: First, the plan we signed wasn't followed. The slab was not placed on the property per the drawing, so access to the backyard was severely restricted - eliminating our plans to store a side-by-side on one side of the house. We lost nearly 3' of access width. Cole West never even acknowledged the mistake but rather just stated that the contract allows them the flexibility to do whatever they want. But, because of that mistake, they had to move the property line of every other property line on that side of the street 2' North to meet the 5' minimum requirement between houses. Second, the individual contractors didn't clean up after themselves at all during the process. The home was always a complete mess during construction, with the attitude that it will all be cleaned and "touched-up" prior to closing. Because of this attitude, doors were set against walls for painting, quartz countertops were used as workbenches, painting tools were cleaned in the sink (leaving dried paint on the sink and fixtures), touch-up and repairs were made without putting down drop-cloths on finished floors. The final result is that many walls were beat up and damaged, counter tops have scuffs and scratches, carpet and LVP flooring has dried paint on it. And all of the many "touch-up" repairs are visually noticeable. Our new home looks like a home that has been lived in for 10 years by a family with young kids and then "touched-up" prior to sale. Some of the touch-up work looks like the work of a child, done just to cross it off the "walk-through" list. Our closing was delayed for weeks because 6 interior doors arrived damaged and they had to wait for replacements. However, to our surprise, two damaged doors were painted and hung (with holes punched through face sheet), and then patched right before our walk-through? Why weren't they replaced as well? Shouldn't we expect new doors for a new home? We pushed to get things corrected to our satisfaction but were told that the home "exceeds" industry standards and that if we didn't "close" the next day, we would be assessed penalty fees each day we were late per the contract. A lot of time is spent on the walk-through to show the locations of shutoff valves, electrical panels, but no time spent to see if appliances work (our oven needed a repair before we could use it the first time), if all items are complete (our garage was not insulated and we payed extra for that), or inspect for quality workmanship. The bottom line is… quality and customer satisfaction are not priorities.

BRIO, April 2022


Review of Overall Experience

I am 90% thrilled. There are just a few things left that need to be checked and I'm having trouble getting them fixed.