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Sage Creek, November 2020


Liked Most

Our new l home has just been completed and we could not be happier with the entire experience and the final product. Corina Swiddle, Miles Trach and their team have exceeded our expectations. We were impressed with the regular updates and pictures regarding the progress of the home . Professional approach with respect to any questions .

Would Change

We would not make any changes .We are satisfied with our builder.

Bonavista, October 2020


Liked Most

My only saving grace during the whole process was that I was able to escalate issues higher up and there was an attempt made at the 11th hour to fix many issues. I am grateful that there is somebody that cares enough to try to make things right. That final attempt was the only thing that likely saved this review from taking a dark turn. The design center for 95% of customers is likely very good. They do have decent floor plans, and the pricing is competitive. We chose a larger company as the hope was they would stand behind what they build an in the end will make sure this home is right. So far the warranty service has been better then expected after the experience building.

Would Change

Exceptionally poor attention to detail & very poor customer service. Materials not installed to manufactures installation procedures/specifications. Some upgrades not originally done to Code (Gas BBQ Rough-in). Flashing missing on outside of home. Rotting banana peel inside bedroom duct on possession! With the number of homes Qualico builds, the errors and issues are baffling and should be an embarrassment. Communication during the build with issues was so poor it was non-existent. Nobody answered a phone call, and getting a response by email during the build was impossible to have anything in writing. Design changes were rejected with no explanation and took months to have corrected. Home was originally planned for June 28 possession, actual possession was Sept 18, and the home was in my opinion still not complete. Drywall work is an embarrassment to the trade. Basement floor is extremely not flat and was poured incorrectly that resulted in a soft surface, we will see what happens with that during warranty. Extreme issues with drywall work led to most of the house needing paint after patching, and rather then repaint walls completely before possession, there are noticeable paint patches everywhere; including the ceilings that were not painted over wall to wall, and this is very noticeable at night. Replaced a light fixture and was beyond surprised to see they simply patched and painted around the fixture, so you can visibly see the old light location. This was 2 days after possession on a brand-new home! Patches were also not cleaned or primed properly, so simply putting on masking tape to mark hole locations for pictures or affixing children's dressers can peel off paint. Parging on front of garage falling off weeks after being done. As soon as you sign on the line, buckle up for a wild ride. Some I have talked with have gone better then others, but details are lacking, and communication is brutal. I have a degree in Engineering, take this review at face value. I was surprised at the lack of care and quality considering the Qualico name would have likely been adapted from the word Quality! They also do a great job in their marketing but seem to have not communicated their mission and principles downward. Extremely surprised to find that very few people seem to care about the customers experience. Never an apology for incorrect drawings provided, continual delays, poor workmanship, or poor customer service.