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Auburn Bay FDSD, August 2017


Liked Most

The sales and customer care team have all been very friendly and responsive whenever I have an issue or question. They really have been a pleasure to deal with.

Would Change

A lot of work had to be done (exterior) after we moved in and we are still awaiting our grading certificate which has really limited what we can do the make the house a home. This has taken longer than I had expected.

The Henry, July 2017


Liked Most

The home itself, as well as the location are great for us. The overall aesthetic really works for us.

Would Change

There's nothing really that we would change about the home itself. We were disappointed during the purchase process mostly due to communication. Brittany did a great job with us, but we could sense her disappointment in some of the decisions made by her management team. Brittany, though, remained very professional throughout the deal. As a current and past employee, both Elizabeth and Joel respectively understood her frustrations, and we shared them. It was even more so disappointing that when the lack of communication or understanding continued with management was escalated, Elizabeth, as a purchaser, was accused of looking for special treatment. This is not a unique situation and it is unfortunate that, as an employee Elizabeth experienced this, but it's even more so disappointing that Elizabeth has read similar experiences at this project and recent other ones that non-employee purchasers were also feeling similarly. It's one thing to be an inside set of eyes, understand the process, be a part of the process and still be disappointed as both an employee and a customer, but it's even worse when you see that folding out over onto the general customers who don't get that inside look. Joel, as a past Brookfield employee, was also disappointed by the communication, or lack thereof, and it really tainted the purchasing experience for us both, as well as our outlook on our colleagues. If there's anyone who understands unreasonable requests or how the communication should flow, it's us - we're in the industry, we're in the company - and yet somehow, we were left with a bad taste in our mouths. Had this home not been perfect for us, and all of our other arrangements aligned, we would have walked away from this purchase.