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Sage Hill Crest, March 2024


Review of Overall Experience

Your design studio and pricing of items are horrific. The prices are exaggerated and multiplied many times more than what they would normally cost. I tried making a change after the deadline and was asked to pay $750 as admin fee. While i understand professionals time is worth money, it was ridiculous to ask for $750 for something that wouldnt take an hour to do. I like the home, like the sales team and the construction guys. Hated your design studio as i felt as i felt the prices of things were unreasonably expensive. While i will buy again from Calbridge homes, I will not go to your design studio, NEVER as it spoiled an otherwise nice experience

Alpine Park, March 2024


Review of Overall Experience

During the purchasing and building process, Calbridge was very responsive and provided good communication on next steps, updates on the build, and answering any questions or concerns that we had. The design process was also very straight forward and the interior design team was a great help in trying to figure out all of the selections. In terms of the home, the underlying foundation and structure are good, and mechanicals and electricals are well specced. Our home inspectors found no major issues at both the framing and pre-occupancy walkthrough stage. However, the finishes on the home are rough and it looks as if the final details were rushed. There are a lot of signs of poor or rushed workmanship on the finishing touches in my home, such as rough stair railings, lumpy and dirty sealant, drywall dents, paint drips, outside dirt in interior window edges and corners, and drywall/construction dust in the vents. Also, on possession day, the painter asked to stay for one or two hours longer after I received the keys, which was not a good sign of the home being completed and ready for possession. Unfortunately, even if the basic foundation of the house is a good quality build, the unfinished paint/walls, the dirty sealant/window edges, and all of the other surface level defects are what I see every day, which makes it difficult for me to believe that it's a good quality build. If you purchased or are considering purchasing a Calbridge home, I would recommend pushing out your possession date by a month or two, so that they have the time to properly make the finishing details. Most of these concerns were brushed off or unacknowledged by Calbridge Customer Service during my 90-day post possession walkthrough, so I would recommend giving them time to sort out these issues pre-possession.