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Turner Run, April 2021


Review of Overall Experience

The homes are very well built and nice finishes, but the smaller details are overlooked. Those you dont see right away. So far I have had a good experience in getting my items looked at and am waiting for the folks to get back to me and set up time to come out and take care of it. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly, thereby making it a more pleasurable experience. The only drawback I have is having an HOA. I dont feel the need to have one.

Turner Run, April 2021


Review of Overall Experience

I love our neighborhood. The house plan itself is great. The quality is lacking, one month after moving in we are still waiting on the list of items to be completed that should have been done prior to closing. There is no communication or follow up on issues. I’m having to follow up myself at this point on everyone we have contact with. Quality is shoddy- paint jobs are lacking, carpet staples are sticking up all over the floor, splintered door molding (a one foot section completely broken off) PRIOR to closing, we were given a cracked bathroom countertop that was “puttied up” as a repair, an exterior door is split down the side (they tried to hide it with paint) and I’ve waited one month on the repair, our kitchen sink disposal is inoperable after the house not being wired for it and then it being improperly installed. Our kitchen cabinet interior was destroyed in the process of the incorrect installment of the disposal. Andrew and Earl have been responsive. Our builder, Rich, completely dropped the ball on numerous items although he is pleasant. This has turned into a small nightmare- I don’t think it’s my job to follow up on house repairs that should have been done already by the builder without me having to chase people down. Completely unacceptable and poor business.