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Preserve at Tidewater, April 2022


Review of Overall Experience

This has been a nightmare although Hope has been absolutely wonderful as well as David. TAC one the other hand has told alot of untruthalong the way, how he allowed the pathetic quality to get by as in simple easy to see like all the cracked backsplash tiles, cracks door casing, simple attention to detail stuff. Then comes by my house the Monday after closing saying because other people had complained about the mess in the back yard ie tires, trash, beer cans, water bottles, food wrappers etc... that he was going to have the landscapers come clean up some more. Well that never happened and not to mention he could not have them come on the properties any long with out our ok, because we had closed. It cost me 7000.00 so far to get it cleaned up and look at the homes across the street by Sydes they did not have all me poison ivy, trash and brush I had to clear no they had nice clean pretty lots. I had a dear friend go through Caviness and Cates in Carthage same crap. If not for Hope and David I would lawyered up right now and I have a big case I deal with legal teams constantly but it is obvious Winston and Chris do not care so maybe I will hire a lawyer there are a lot of people that feel same way

Caviness & Cates Communities Response

Our management team is actively looking into this.

Oyster Landing, April 2022


Review of Overall Experience

It was a great experience but it was unfortunate about the delays through out the process

Caviness & Cates Communities Response

We are glad you had a great experience. Thank you for your understanding with supply chain delays. Welcome home!