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Clarence Crossing, August 2020


Liked Most

We love the lay out of our home. The quality of the structure and the built (minus the finishing touches) .eQ personnel have been very nice with us and we never had any problem.

Would Change

Final detail of finishing in and outside home. The workmanship was lacking in details. Many little mistakes. It felt like some workers rushed through. It appears that there was a lack of communication between trades resulting in mistakes. Everything is fixable but very fustrating when you pay for something and the final product is not up to par. We still love our home. The subcontractors might be your biggest problem. With Covid, 30 day inspection has been slow. It would be nice to have follow up on when to expect repairs, etc to take place. Communication is the best tool to manage expectation.

Fernbank Crossing, August 2020


Liked Most

All staff are nice and pleasant to work with. And some basic features eQ provides like built in internet connection, Smarthome system.

Would Change

I feel that eQ Homes needs better quality control of the contracted work, like flooring, painting, siding, etc. Due to the covid virus, we didn't really have walkthrough of the home before we close which was very stressful for us since we are buying the most expensive item in our life without seeing the final product. So walkthrough after the closing was not as useful as it could have been before closing. My biggest problem with quality is hardwood flooring - so many spots it shows unfinished part of the wood and the seams seem not to be tightened, and in one place, I could obviously see the gap of one millimeter or two left due to not tightening the piece before moving on to the next. Then there were some dents and scratches as well before we move in.