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Fernbank Crossing, July 2017


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The design, location, and quality of materials were attractive qualities.

Would Change

Unbalanced emphasis on building & future sales and a lagging commitment and man-power to address finishing problems within units and buildings that are already booked in a more timely manner.

Fernbank Crossing, July 2017


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Would Change

We would ask that the staff person at EQ Decor put pressure on their suppliers rather than the home purchaser to meet deadlines as in our case - Deslaurier Cabinetry. We would ask that EQ do regular updates as the project progresses, as we were promised, and were received in previous buildings. We would ask that if EQ can't do what was signed off on, EQ to notify home purchaser directly i.e. home purchaser should be the first to know and not accidentally find out through other parties after the fact which was our case. We would ask the EQ do the PDI when unit is ready for viewing and, if not postpone and the same goes for the possession date, if unit not ready, which was not in our case. The PDI was attempted to be completed the day before possession date (we understood it would be a week before so that deficiencies could be mostly addressed before our possession) where so much was unfinished and there were so many trades in that it was impossible to do a proper assessment hence our refusal of possession date. I would ask that EQ reschedule PDI date once unit is completed and ready for viewing not like in our case16 days later with the understanding that the unit was finished...items seen at the first PDI were completed and therefore we didn't need to relook at them and to find out at the PDI and after-the-fact that that was not the case. And in addition, at 2nd PDI, painters were still working. We were asked not to mark painting deficiencies as they would all be addressed prior to possession date the next day. What we got possession of the next day at 5PM was an uncleaned apartment...covered in drywall dust, sawdust in the cupboards, glue -covered-damaged-engineered-hardwood and a piss-poor paint job with tons of work left to be done by Deslaurier cabinetry including an incorrect installation of fridge and freezer openings. As you can imagine how upset and stressed we were to receive our home in this condition. Knowing that there is going to be so much mess to be cleaned up after the filling, sanding, painting and redoing the engineered hardwood all around our new furnishings is of great concern considering what we have seen so far as the quality of workmanship. And then to be asked to substantiate/prove by producing the same documents that EQ is in possession of to get what we ordered is offensive. What would we suggest EQ change? Closer supervision of their trades. Closer review of the change orders to ensure that what the buyer ordered is installed. Inspection of the home prior to PDI to ensure that it is ready for viewing and inspection of the home prior to occupancy to ensure that it is clean and ready for occupancy. Implementation of the communication system promised to the purchaser prior to possession and creation and implementation of an ongoing communication system with all residents after occupancy when issues arise. E.g. Flooding in the parking garage and lower area: EQ should have sent an email to the residents to state they are aware of the issue, what is being done in the interim, what is the long-term solution and in what is timeframe for completion of work. It took an email signed by the residents to hear there is a part that has been ordered. Another example is the front walkway... it has not been installed to code. We need to hear what will be done about this and again a timeframe for completion of work as it is totally unsafe once the snow flies. I suspect that if EQ implements these measures they will avoid the situation they have put us in. What do we expect now from EQ? We expect that all future work on our apartment will be done to our satisfaction, in a timely manner and without any further damage to our unit or possessions and all costs to be covered by EQ and their suppliers not us and without added stress and demands on us... so if EQ needs to bring in a professional cleaner to clean up after for example the handyman and painter we expect that to happen. Please note that this is the 2nd time I have filled this form out and assume for some reason you did not get the first time and that is why I am getting it again. I have kept a copy this time.