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Escondido at Tres Lagos, August 2020


Liked Most

The service has been amazing. All punch items were taken care of within a week or less.

Would Change

nothing at all

Retama Village, August 2020


Liked Most

The home seems to be extremely energy efficent. I don't much care for Esperanza.

Would Change

The home is perfect size for us. However, it would be nice if it wasn't at the bottom tip of Texas (something more central). The service provided by Esperanza is severely lacking. The sales person was fine and always responded until they let her go. Her manager, who took over for her, only reached out after I had reached out to him. As such, after her termination I dealt mostly with the construction superintendent. He seems a little inexperienced and seemed to lack any motivation or trouble shooting skills. When walking through the home during the final walk, we found that the countertops were cut in the middle of a small section. As such, he asked, what do you want me to do? I don't think I need to ask you to fix it, it should not have been cut at that point, and to be honest, it should not have been cut at all, as a solid piece was not too long to fit in that area. Attention to detail during the process and following installation instructions for the included appliances. The hot water heater was installed at an inappropriate level and would have caused the warranty to be invalid. As such, they had to cut additional holes in the roof to vent ensure proper venting. It appears that the trades people pretty much show up and do work, but there is no direct supervision of those teams while they are there. Perhaps COVID has caused some issues with construction teams and a lack of getting supervision in there. The largest problem I have is the fact that there was someone smoking in the house while it was being built.