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Walden, June 2018


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takes care of customer even after you move

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Respondent had no comments.

Sunset Ridge, June 2018


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The construction team is incredible, friendly, and responded quickly to all my concerns. They really improved my buying experience. Jerry was fantastic during the walk-through. Josip is great and I feel like he's always looking out for the consumer. Everyone that worked on the minor fixes my house required were friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, etc. Can't say enough good things about them! They layout is great and the quality seems high (for brand new) Excel did a good job in letting me change some options given it was a spec home. I REALLY do appreciate it. Even though it was quite stressful. I think for the price, everything is very fair. I really like that it is built green and wired for solar panels. Honestly, besides a few hiccups with the sales team and the bedroom windows that are the bane of my existence, I did have a good experience. Unfortunately a couple bad things do skew my responses.

Would Change

First of all, the survey should have more comments to get richer information. For example, I dislike my fridge, but I know very well that is because I didn't upgrade! So I would have given higher scores if the questions were worded more like 'quality of the fridge given the options you selected', etc. Also, some upgrades were very well priced, some, like the $2,000 for pot lights (not even real pot lights) in the bonus room, were kinda ridiculous. I would have loved to have the opportunity to be more honest in the survey. Sales team was friendly, but hard to get a hold of a times, where I felt I had to reach out to customer service just to get a response. (when my wall was built wrong, trying to schedule walk-throughs myself, a month to get back to me about the garage waiver...) Sales team should be more knowledgeable, really felt like they weren't prepared sometimes about upgrades, quality of products, etc. (i.e. had no idea what the carpet weight was, or the upgraded carpet - had to find out myself. 36 oz FYI; last minute I was told I would owe another $2,500 because some upgrades were unknown...). Would have liked the option to have laminate in my upstairs. Funny enough, I cared about the carpet, but now I'm going to have to rip it out due to allergies... I'm really bothered that Excel was not transparent that my spare bedroom windows would 100% match my neighbor's - and I feel that the customer service representative basically lied about the reasons for this. Excel can say that the windows are centered as they are aesthetically pleasing, but with the rooms so small, off-center would probably be better for furniture (and I mean, did you do focus groups with buyers to find out centered is preferred?). Excel can argue there's no way they could prevent this, but I have a hunch its because you want to reduce variability in your build's, so you leave the windows and refuse to stagger them (and your walls aren't pre-fab, so we know you could do it). I really wish someone would have been transparent about this in the buying process and in the explanation that followed. I feel slightly cheated. I feel that my house value has decreased around 10K and I'll have to spend a lot of money getting a professional to put a film on them for some sort of privacy. I've looked around the neighborhood and no one else seems to have this problem. Lastly - so Charla in Heartland is absolutely incredible and I wish she was available in Sunset. She actually sold me on Excel and all my upgrades, and should be given the commission, but I liked Sunset better.