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Mahogany FDG, January 2023


Review of Overall Experience

I have to say the overall build with excel was one of the worst experiences I have had. From day one their was no communication and if you wanted to get ahold of someone good luck as no one will give out a email or phone number. We were lucky compared to others as we had another house to live in during the process as our house was to be done in June and sept 26th we moved in. When it comes to communication I only asked for honesty and a guideline, back in March we were told no problem June will happen, then it went to July, then aug and finally sept. On our seven days before possession walk though was absolutely embarrassing, we had no trim, flooring not done, toilets, sinks, shower doors, wrong lighting, doors not installed, no hardware in the house, no kitchen cupboards doors, no appliances, plastics still on the windows and still not cleaned just to name a few as their were 100’s of issues and your more than welcome to see the pictures. The guy who we just met doing our walk through said we should not be doing this as they need another month to finish the house. As for the day of possession it never got much better as their was 86 issues outstanding that we could notice as so much was not done and as a home owner we are shaking our heads on where do we start. We are now almost four months into moving in and their are still major issues with the basement floor, upstairs walls, kitchen cabinets and main floor flooring to name a few. We spent 835,000 on the house wanted it to be our forever house and that is not the case. We are working through the issues but as of today we have had over 50 different contractors visits through the house. Please feel free to reach out and come and see the house and the pictures.

Chinook Gate FDG, December 2022


Review of Overall Experience

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