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Valencia Park, March 2019


Liked Most

The home is well insulated and Hakes personnel has been top notch addressing questions and concerns. Any issues we have found in the house after purchase have been met with a "yes" and not an argument.

Would Change

Fit and finish; nearly every issue we have with the home relate to fit and finish. Whether that's uneven/unlevel dry wall creases or poor painting or poor drywall work around a window or terrible tile work. There are several arches within the home where vertical drywall meets horizontal. Those creases are often not flush. Some of this poor drywall work around windows is terrible. Our guest bathroom window looks like it's installed crooked and the window in our master bath is atrocious. Furthermore, there is so much tile in this home and it all seems to be laid by someone with very little pride in their craft. The unfortunate fact is that this cannot be realistically corrected after the home owner moves in. There is new technology, at an inexpensive price point, that can nearly guarantee perfect lines and zero lippage. The fact that Hakes, a premium builder, does not invest in these technologies is disappointing. Much less their quality control as these different tile areas are being laid. Also, options for lighting, extra cabinets, upgraded hardware (drawer slides specifically) or external accent lighting, routing irrigation terminals to the rear of the home, and etc. should be offered. I would have been more than happy to have some of these things added to the home prior to move in. Overall, for a $210,000 home we're pretty disappointed in the overall fit and finish. It's all about the details.

Valencia Hills, March 2019


Liked Most

Selene, Carlos and Ismael made the experience AMAZING. They all had an amazing attitude and superb customer service. They always strived to assure that things were going to come out fine and they would guarantee the work would be done. They were always on top of things and our needs with the home. These employees are valuable and very important assets to the company. The home is beautiful and in a perfect location. The price was also excellent!

Would Change

Quality of the cabinets were different from the first home we owned. The quality is not as good as the home we had in Las Cruces NM, also built by Hakes. A lot of the craftsmanship was rushed and not done as neatly and properly as we expected. Things such as cracked granite, tile, splattered paint, crooked fixtures, and a sink that fell through the cabinets due to insufficient glue, were some things that were rushed. Some cabinet doors, an interior door, and the refrigerator door when opened, crash into the walls or interfere with another doors in the house. The last thing is we had a exterior door designed in our garage. We signed something saying that if the door wasn't put in correctly or was imperfect, it would be our responsibility and not the company's responsibility. This door allows water from the rain in, and bugs to enter. We were told, by a contractor that works with Hakes that the door was installed backwards and incorrectly. We assumed that the door would at least be installed correctly. It is disappointing that now we have to figure out how to fix this issue knowing that we have to fix something that was done incorrectly initially. We entrusted the company to make sure at least the basics were done correctly.